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I might be living in . . .

  • Los Angeles, CA had my father taken custody.
  • St. Marys, GA had Ms. Chun not offered to raise my mother's salary and pay for moving expenses to Jacksonville where she opened a new restaurant.
    • Also, at least two men proposed to my mother and many more were infatuated with her even though she barely spoke any English at the time. To American men, she was an exotic Asian doll.
  • Honolulu, HI had my mother accepted Alan's proposal. He was a bit older, retired from the Navy, a mutual acquaintance through my then godparents. She did not care to marry another Korean man.
  • Virginia Beach, VA had my mother let Uncle Kevin and Auntie Lecky (the godparents mentioned previously) adopt me. Actually, Lecky wanted my sister and Kevin wanted me, but my mother couldn't separate us. They had no children and thought my mother should find another husband, but her chances were slim with two young kids. They finally offered to adopt us both, but my mother still refused.
  • Jacksonville, FL had my mother not remarried. They met here and dated on and off for four years. After my mother's rejection of his first proposal, he practically stalked her. Sometime after, he moved to Orlando but continued seeing her.
    • This is the most pivotal point in my life.
  • Seattle, WA had my mother and her husband decided to move here. They visited for a week, but I think it was more of a whim than a serious contemplation.
  • Juneau, AK had my mother decided to run my father's hotel-restaurant business and divorce her husband.
  • Gainesville, FL had I chosen to attend the University of Florida rather than Beloit College. I hope I don't regret my decision.
  • Beloit, WI had I continued my education at Beloit College. Actually, Beloit is the first place I ever did consider home. I've moved around so often during my childhood that I always expect to be uprooted after a couple years.
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user picture Amsyy: This list is fascinating. It makes me think about how little things can make big things happen. jan 6 2009
user picture C: Absolutely. This is probably my favorite, if not most personal, list. I too often wonder what could have been. And now, with college rolling around . . .
user picture Amsyy: I'm glad you shared it. (: Are you happy with how things turned out? Ah, college. It's kind of sad. I'm two years behind on credits and won't graduate for a while, though I'm a junior. I don't want to lose my senior friends. Make sure you keep in touch with the younger people that made you happy. <3 jan 7 2009
user picture C: You know, I can't be sure. There are several pros and cons to a number of these places. I would not have met certain people. But what about the people I could have met? My family might have been better off had my mother not remarried. Frustrating, isn't it, how we can live only one life? Sorry about your credits. Hopefully, everything works out. jan 10 2009
user picture Niamh: This list is certainly alluring, inspired me to write my own. mar 23 2011
user picture C: Thank you. I look forward to reading yours :) mar 25 2011