• Watch a sitcon
  • Write something from "writinf prompts"
  • Spot the biggest risk you could do in that specific moment
  • Do something totally spontaneous right there, don’t plan anything
  • Take a shower
  • Pretend like you are in an adventure movie, fleeing from a monster, but trying to keep your calm composure to the outside world.
  • Be curious: ask childlike questions about the world around you, like “What makes the sky blue or the clouds look like that?”
  • Take a walk and only make left turns — a lot of them!
  • Go outside and follow the first person you run into
  • Make up weird sayings, put them on sticky notes and post your sayings throughout your town
  • Argue with someone about the world ending
  • Learn a kpop dance
  • Walk into a group of people that are chatting and casually say "So, are we gonna kill him or what?"
  • Draw someone you see
  • Paint your hands blue and run around saying i killed a smurf
  • Go to a public restroom with a pen or pencil and write the most inspirational quote on the toilet paper.
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