• You have a pretty smile (a guy from my class)
  • Your hair is so pretty (an old lady at bus station)
  • You're funny
  • I'm sorry daughter but you're not a shy person anymore (my mom)
  • You're pretty
  • I thought you were a shopaholic because of the clothes you wear, you dress really well (a girl from my class that I don't really talk)
  • I bet you passed all the exams, you seem the kind of girl that knows everything about everything (another girl from my class I don't really talk to)
  • I can't date you, you're too sweet and pure and I'm bad (a guy that used to like me)
  • I love you, I gave up drugs for you and I didn't cheat because I want you
  • I told you, no prejudice, just read and have your own opinion (my mom, when I said it was silly of her to read another book of 50 shades of grey)
  • You really do love to make art with your hair
  • Now you're Hulk's wife
  • Do you know how to heal knees?
  • Why is your hair green? Are you a Palmeiras' fan?
  • Me and my girls were talking and trying to remember all the colours you already dyed your hair, Green is great on you.
  • Does your mother know your hair is green? And your father? I need a scissor, I'm joking. I used to like you but now you're a rebel hah I'm joking again (my teacher is weird)
  • OMG! I thought you were 14 (I'm 22)
  • You're so cute, everytime I see you I want to hug you
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