pretty much all you need to do for this is write 5 things, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day. do it each day on your listography for a year. copy and paste this at the top of the list so people know what this list is all about


  • 01– date night, wingo tacos, Midsomer Murders, Spring Break, black cherry margarita
  • 02– yellow begonias, pancake bread, Fantastic Beasts, boredom, Pepto
  • 03– YMCA, Isle, Top Chef season 4, iced latte with caramel, snowfall
  • 04– ελληνικές πατάτες με λεμόνια, Moroccan rugs, annoyance, pomegranate pillow cover, peeler
  • 05– μάθημα στα ελληνικά, trash bags, clementine peels, burnt out candle, the Bachelor fence scene
  • 06– Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, logic puzzles, pork, duvet cover pins
  • 07– margarita, margarita, margarita, Lauren & Rachel
  • 08– Giant on Baltimore Ave, buffalo chicken dip, The Swiss Army Romance, Grace and Frankie, macintosh candle
  • 09– Dad's 60th bday party, The Floor is Lava, BO$$ gun mug, Auntie Sue's rice crispy treats, photo with B
  • 10– bacon and sausage, Schitt$ Creek,, Panera bagel, Fancy Feast salmon, extra blankets
  • 11– να μιλάω στα ελληνικά, Bachelor round 2, sunrise on the train, salted caramel mocha, purrs
  • 12– Fragment Group 8, awkward conversations, news of AV coming to TU, Sacred Space, 45°F
  • 13– the most awkward live rose ceremony, Vampire Diaries, meatless Szechuan delivery, cuddles with Ram, The Mixtape by Jack's Mannequin
  • 14– 65°F, Akrotiri: a Cycladic town, walk to Wawa, size 12 jeans, PS4
  • 15– Warp and Weft jeans,
  • 16– Hot Ones with Shaq, Last Dab, assorted cookies, Overcooked, Fibbage
  • 17– 1/3 missing assignments, Isabella of Castile by Giles Tremlett, chocolate coconut almonds,
  • 18– traced fragments, spaghetti and meatballs, "bulgogie veggie" kim bap, lunch with Lily, owl circle
  • 19– Kitty on a bike, banana for Sydney's breakfast, banana for my breakfast, Porches, zig zag shirt
  • 20– Elysian Gardens candle, all the sriracha, migraine
  • 21– FG 7, sliding doors at Knossos, "the hardest thing I've ever done," tension, salted caramel mocha
  • 22– Abbie McTinnef, black and white malted milkshake, Stacey, Sammi, little baby A
  • 23– King of Prussia, eggs benedict, size 30 jorts, Ken Jeong's Netflix special, 9,000 steps
  • 24– 173, phone call with Becca, Giant, vegan buckeye bars, Lord of the Rings
  • 25– The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, iced coffee, frozen computer screen, Hotel Turquoise booking, corn and bean tacos
  • 26– chase with Ramsey, burnt Szechuan eggplant, raspberry-lemon-strawberry popsicle, migraine, Vampire Diaries
  • 27– T-Swizzle, Shanghai 1, Kaitlin in town, too light of a jacket, Warby Parker
  • 28– RGB color mode, 1:4 scale, brie and crackers, early night
  • 29– Dad, Michael, 10,000 steps, salty burger stuffed with gooey roquefort cheese
  • 30– 75°F, walk to Wawa, shortbread scone, date night, shared sweet potato sushi roll
  • 31– Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff, drizzly showers, Tony Hawk Skateboarding Game, Terrain Garden Cafe,


  • 01– file names, NY Strips, ginger ale in the morning, Patience by Tame Impala, trivia game
  • 02– MFWY by Andrew Bird,
  • 03–
  • 04– email from PPB, planning session with Sydney, not enough sleep,
  • 05– "memorable image," Penn Museum library, puffy coat,
  • 06– Outback Steakhouse bar, cheesecake, rum punch, stroll at the Providence mall, denim jumpsuit
  • 07–
  • 08– hours finished, iced coffee
  • 09– Fisher Fine Arts library, United by Blue with Lily, meeting with PPB, "towards", maple latte
  • 10– lion head rhyta, spreadsheets on spreadsheets, maps of Palaikastro, Gournia, and Pseira
  • 11– last day at the lab, cleaned up Sketchup model, exported TIFFs, new outline
  • 12– sweat, Darlene's hot keys, 83°, press training, Ayas chicken gyro salad
  • 13– 169, sweet potato and avocado sushi, slow scrambled eggs,
  • 14– Olympic Diner, malted waffles, a pile no more, Five Crowns, CAOS
  • 15– Pawbo, crazy thunderstorm, kitten cuddles, raised walkways, Royal Boucherie
  • 16– Suraya,
  • 26–


  • 01–
  • 02–
  • 03–
  • 04–
  • 05– Cinco de Mayo stir fry, failed crosswords,
  • 06– The South Propylaeum, "Most remarks about the Minoans will be found to say more of the people who make them than of the Minoans," G. Cadogan,
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