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  • 1/1- I have the feeling that this is going to be a good year for me. Or at least I hope so.
  • 1/5 - How is it that I'm always sick at the beginning of the new year? It's like a tradition at this point
  • 1/17 - Why is writing about myself the worst torture I've ever experienced? I feel like such a tool
  • 1/22 - ughhhhh I'm so anxious! I keep thinking I made a mistake but there's nothing I can do to fix it.
  • 1/25 - There are people in my life that I've never spoken to sober... and I don't know how to feel about that
  • 1/26 - Note to self: stop launching into a socialist tirade every time you're drunk
  • 2/2 - Hung out with Paul and played super smash bros. It was fun but I sucked sooo bad
  • 2/4 - Anyway, the one thing I've learned is you can't trust anyone, even if you're blood-related
  • 2/7 - Every once in a while, I have these episodes where I feel super invigorated and I'm suddenly overwhelmed with ideas for creative projects. None of these creative projects ever come to fruition, though, because, immediately after, I'm crushed with the realization that I'm profoundly mediocre and everything I do will inevitably fail.
  • 2/8 - Celebrated my birthday early with Paul and had a really nice day. I ate soooo much food, though.
  • 2/9 - Practiced free hand drawing today and was surprised that they actually turned out pretty good. I haven't drawn since high school and somehow I'm better than I was back then.
  • 2/16 - Had an early birthday dinner with my mom and Etis. The dinner itself was great, but the whole day I just felt so sad and hopeless.
  • 2/20- It was my birthday today and, again, I felt so horribly sad. It didn't help that I spent the day at home, completely alone. I bought myself a nice dinner and watched At Eternity's Gate, though, and that helped me feel a little better.
  • 3/22 - Fucking finally!
  • 4/14 - I'm starting to realize that time really changes people and not always for the better
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