own (full bottles) ━

  • byredo gypsy water
  • tom ford soleil blanc
  • diptyque philosykos
  • baccarat rouge 540 extrait
  • byredo bal d'afrique
  • jo malone wood sage and sea salt (to sell)
  • le labo another 13 - good neutral clean cool scent

to buy (full bottles)━

  • creed virgin island water - summer tropical scent
  • byredo mojave ghost - good neutral clean cool scent


  • le labo noir 29 (6/10) - a bit powdery and very long lasting, STRONG
  • tom ford ombre leather (8/10) - long lasting, sharp leather first spray but spicy and warm on drydown
  • tom ford soleil blanc (9.5/10) - smells like rich person beach resort but not very long lasting
  • jo malone wood sage and sea salt (8/10) - longevity is not the best but smells very clean and woodsy
  • juliette has a gun not a perfume (7/10) - like it, woody/earthy, fresh/clean, light/layerable, just a tiny bit sweet
  • diptyque philosykos (10/10) - like it, very green, dries down creamy/coconutty, smells like it could be layerable with something sweet, liked it a lot more first time wearing it vs paper, dries down sweet on skin - the more i smell it the more i like it
  • soleil neige (9/10) - don't like the initial top note as much, but dries down absolutely lovely, spicy and sweet, reminds me of a ski resort
  • le labo santal 33 (5.5-6/10) - don't really love either the top note or the dry down, very very aggressive and somewhat artificial sandalwood - not good on me but awesome on a man
  • diptyque tam dao (6/10) - smells very distinct on drydown, kind of like spicy soap? idk man
  • byredo bal d'afrique (9.5/10) - longevity not the best but omg the smell
  • byredo gypsy water (8/10) - longevity not the best but omg the smell... sensing the longevity is a trend for byredo lol
  • byredo mojave ghost (10/10) - great clean neutral, projects well, long lasting
  • creed virgin island water (10/10) - omg... the lime and coconut? unmatched
  • baccarat rouge 540 extrait (10/10) - holy shit, smells fucking amazing, not too aggressive
  • kilian angel's share (5/10) - doesn't smell bad but it's way too strong and way too sweet for me on myself and others

to try━

  • nishane ani
  • xerjoff naxos
  • guerlain vetiver
  • tom ford black orchid
  • tom ford velvet orchid (get a full sample)
  • xerjoff lira
  • mfk gentle fluidity
  • tom ford vanille fatale
  • nishane wulong cha
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