• learning to moderate my emotions and express them in a healthy way
  • practicing patience and persistence even when it is hard
  • communicating my needs and boundaries in a healthy but insistent way and acknowledging their importance instead of writing them off or sweeping them under the rug
  • forcing myself outside of my comfort zone even when it feels really scary
  • finding balance and not letting a single hobby or identity consume my life so when it's taken away i can still function and be happy and healthy
  • learning not to make any big decision or take any big action when tired, hungry, stressed, or emotional
  • acknowledging my part in a conflict while also pointing out the other party's behavior that caused me harm
  • recognizing and accepting my own feelings and emotions
  • cultivating a healthy work life balance and being a well rounded individual with a life outside of work
  • not building my entire life around my relationship and having friends and hobbies outside of the relationship
  • recognizing that my partner doesn't have to do things my way to have a healthy relationship (and on a broader scale, that my way of doing things isn't always the right or only way of doing things or tackling a problem or situation)
  • learning to temper my strong emotions
  • passing less judgment and examining why judgment is my gut reaction to a given situation
  • being able to communicate to a friend when their behavior hurt me instead of sweeping it under the rug and being passive aggressive in return
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