• the prince, niccolò machiavelli
    • crime and punishment, fyodor dostoyevsky
    • the count of monte cristo, alexander dumas
    • wolf hall, hilary mantel
    • ten myths about israel, ilan pappé
    • the luminaries, eleanor catton
    • the pillars of the earth, ken follett
    • the name of the rose, umberto eco
    • small is beautiful: economics as if people mattered, ernst f. schumacher
    • how to read a film, james monaco
    • the plague, albert camus
    • how to justify torture: inside the ticking bomb scenario, alex adams
    • the historian, elizabeth kostova
    • on photography, susan sontag
    • illness as a metaphor, susan sontag
    • regarding the pain of others, susan sontag
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