• jan 1: new year's day
  • jan 5: oil change 10am; pa ja 2pm; asl 4:30
  • jan 11: andy, 10:00
  • jan 12: asl, 4:30
  • jan 13: doctor, 1:00
  • jan 18: MLK day / visit liz
  • jan 19: andy, 10:00 / asl, 4:30
  • jan 20: inauguration day
  • jan 25: classes start
  • jan 26: asl 4:30


  • draw every day (17/31)
  • write 10k words for ghosts (6,159/10,000)
  • write 5k words for wolves (3,076/5,000)


  • beast boy
    • boy.... little angel boy....he and raven are literally me and mars
  • broad city
    • i don't know why abbi and ilana are like that but oh my GOD...

best moments of the month

  • getting dinner and spending time with melissa for the first time in weeks; kalee doing a tarot pull for me; playing animal crossing with aj; ordering my teddy mittens!!!; drinking coffee out of my new sailor moon mug; shopping with melissa for the first time in months; finishing an emma donoghue book in one day like i used to when i was fourteen; reading reading READING!!!!!; visiting liz & meeting lori!!; tuck sitting in my lap and purring as soon as i started petting him.....i want a cat.; sharing snippets of "wolves" and "ghosts" with liz and getting their honest & unfiltered reactions!; writing again in general....not sure why it feels like i've been away a long time, but it's lovely to be home; drawing ponyo & sosuke
jan 1 2021 ∞
feb 1 2021 +