• may 2: garrett’s bday!
  • may 8: graduation party, 2:00-4:00
  • may 13-14: liz day !
  • may 14: regional equity team meeting, 9:00
  • may 15: work
  • may 20: isy’s bday!
  • may 23: kj’s bday!
  • may 29: bee comes to town!!
  • may 30: eva’s bday!


  • write, read, and rest
  • figure out what comes next. resting for the rest of 2021? work? phd apps?


  • ryuji from persona 5
    • baby, you're my AAAANGEEEEEEL !!!

best moments of the month

  • sitting in the sun with bella and just chatting idly, the sun on my face; skateboarding!!! *avril lavigne voice* he was a sk8r boi she said c u l8r boi...; finishing coursework and feeling the big sigh of relief that comes with a semester's end; i have a master's degree!!; sitting outside with the hooligang again!!!; having the sleepover with mars! nothing dreamier than sleeping beside them; liz's sleepover! lots of comfy silences!; sleeping a lot; trying to learn to live more slowly
may 2 2021 ∞
jun 2 2021 +