• december 2: 25th bday!
  • december 3: mars' bday!
  • december 4: lauryn's bday
  • december 8: lunch w uncle kevin, 11:30
  • december 21: winter solstice / breakfast w uncle kevin, 9:00
  • december 24: christmas eve
  • december 25: christmas
  • december 27: aj's bday!
  • december 31: new year's eve


  • bullet journal reset & calendar reset


  • spider-man
    • realized this month this is likely a special interest and not just a hyperfixation so uh . there's that
  • andrew garfield

best moments of the month

  • going to rick's olde gold with mom & dad and dad buying me a gold chain like his and my funky dove ring; celebrating my 25th birthday with my friends and family; seeing mars on the morning of their 25th birthday, the day just after mine; hanging out with e for the first time and how sweet jake was!!; seeing spider-man: no way home alone in theaters and having a bLAST; kenzie asking me to be in her bridal party!!!; hanging out with e again and i just !!! i love her so much; getting breakfast w uncle kevin; having a lowkey christmas w mom & dad
dec 1 2021 ∞
jan 1 2022 +