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  • if it bleeds – stephen king
    • "'there's evil in the world, but there's also a force for good.'"


  • the farthest shore – ursula k. le guin
    • "'do nothing because it is righteous or praiseworthy or noble to do so; do nothing because it seems good to do so; do only that which you must do and which you cannot do in any other way.'"
  • the language of thorns – leigh bardugo
    • "'my life began with wanting something for myself.'"
  • the haunting of hill house – shirley jackson ↺
    • "'we never know where our courage is coming from.'"
  • tehanu – ursula k. le guin
    • "'i follow my heart.'"
  • wild seed – octavia butler
    • "'they're afraid of her blackness and her power.'"
  • the grace year – kim liggett
    • "'fear not, for my love is everlasting.'"


  • a wizard of earthsea – ursula k. le guin
    • "'in the sunlight, in the days and years, life is.'"
  • the tombs of atuan – ursula k. le guin
    • –  "living, being in the world, was a much greater and stranger thing than she had ever dreamed."
  • ♡♡!!! the lightning thief – rick riordan ↺
    • –  "'if my life is going to mean anything, i have to live it myself.'"


  • pleasure activism – adrienne maree brown
    • "if it pleases me, i will."
  • the talisman – stephen king & peter straub
    • "'don't you want just a little magic, richard?'"
  • beloved – toni morrison ↺
    • "'can't nothing heal without pain, you know.'"


  • the forgotten garden – kate morton
    • "all was not as it had been. and that knowledge made rose's heart thump – strongly now – with unexpected, unexplained, unadulterated joy."
  • mistborn: the final empire – brandon sanderson
    • "in the end, i must trust myself."
  • ♡♡!!! the house in the cerulean sea — tj klune
    • "'it’s the little things. little treasures we find without knowing their origin. and they come when we least expect them. it’s beautiful, when you think about it.'"
  • howl's moving castle – dianna wynne jones ↺
    • "'everyone gets over things in the end, you know.'"
  • and then there were none – agatha christie ↺
    • "'i am leaving my ordinary life behind me.'"


  • the da vinci code – dan brown ↺
    • "'your heart is true, my friend.'"
  • i thought it was just me: women reclaiming power and courage in a culture of shame – brené brown
    • "shame happens between people and shame heals between people."


  • the gifts of imperfection – brené brown
    • "everyone wants to be brave."
  • the night circus – erin morgenstern
    • "'there are many kinds of magic, after all.'"
  • angels & demons – dan brown
    • "'our minds sometimes see what our hearts wish were true.'"
  • big magic – elizabeth gilbert
    • "love over suffering, always."


  • reading the romance: women, patriarchy, and popular literature – janice a. radway
    • "'not all love stories are romances.' some are simply novels about love."
  • the starless sea – erin morgenstern
    • "'we are all stardust and stories.'"
  • yesterday is history – kosoko jackson
    • "'i feel like we must have been meant to find each other.'"
  • the death of vivek oji – akwaeke emezi
    • "some people can't see softness without wanting to hurt it."
  • the readers' advisory guide to horror – becky siegel spratford
    • "readers love fantasy, but we need horror...horror that helps us make sense of a cruelly senseless world."
  • guilty pleasures – arielle zibrak
    • "reading offers us love as an available pleasure."
  • ♡♡!!! the gilded wolves – roshani chokshi ↺
    • "enrique, who had always dreamed about what magic might feel like, thought he had found it then: myths and palimpsets, starlight sugaring the air, and the way hope feels painful when shared equally among friends."
  • want – lynn steger strong
    • "it feels like what i imagine people feel like when they imagine whatever god they might believe in standing close to them."


  • ♡♡!!! cemetery boys – aiden thomas
    • "'you don't need anyone's permission to be you.'"
  • catherine house – elisabeth thomas
    • "the greeks had used those same stars to conquer the world. we were like them – gods and heroes."
  • teen titans: beast boy – kami garcia
    • "'don't worry. i can handle this. there's a lot more to me than pulling pranks and cracking jokes.'"
  • silver in the wood – emily tesh
    • "go,' she managed. 'grow.'"
  • bloom – kevin panetta
    • "be what you love."
  • skip – molly mendoza
    • "'all of this is so hard and so strange. but i'm happy to be on this adventure, together.'"
  • scavenge the stars – tara sim
    • –  "she existed only for sound and sight, lost in the simple and unique pleasure of being alive."
  • drowned country – emily tesh
    • "'no,' silver said. 'and i don't think you're mad. on the contrary. i think we are two of a kind.'"
  • ♡♡!!! legendborn – tracy deonn
    • "'protection from those who would harm us, and, if they do, healing so that we can survive, resist, and thrive.'"
  • freshwater – akwaeke emezi
    • "it is a powerful thing to be seen."


  • the weight of feathers – anna-marie mclemore
    • "'i haven't thought about what would happen when you left town because i didn't want to,' she said. 'i didn't want to think about being somewhere you're not.'"
  • transcendent kingdom – yaa gyasi
    • "i am looking for new names for old feelings. my soul is still my soul, even if i rarely call it that."
  • the pull of the stars – emma donoghue
    • "'none of this dirt is yours,' i told her. 'you're clean as rain.'"
  • lighthousekeeping – jeanette winterson
    • "'you must never lose heart.'"
  • ♡♡!!! in other lands – sarah rees brennan
    • "just the truth, elliot reminded himself. not what he thought someone else wanted to hear, or what he thought would protect himself. just the truth, and trusting that someone else would care to hear it."
  • teen titans: raven – kami garcia
    • "'i belong to myself.'"
  • blanca & roja – anna-marie mclemore
    • "even if there is no retracing your path, no unbreaking what has been broken, the heart of you, the heart of everything, can still knit back together."
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