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  • january

new year's eve on the beach - got a flu - sun, pool, good heat and a suntan - miss those days already but the proletariat needs to work - went back to toe treatment - its like im working endless - is it too soon to be tired of my job? - finally getting into the book im reading - saw my friends after a LONG time - bike ride - ice cream shop, street bar and coffee shop - became a jobless person again - i have no idea what is going on in my life anymore - i feel so tied - finally some good news thank you god!!!

  • february

everything is bad and im slowly loosing my mind again - started to read anne and im enjoying very much - finally back to the internship at the hospital - love story released!!! - to all the boys marathon (im going to miss it) - isn’t carnaval but im enjoying time with him - spent more than a week doing nothing but movie marathon

  • march

losing my mind again - caught a cold (again) - started to read the grishaverse - back to studies - my birthday is coming and im feeling empty - 1303 - my birthday was better than i thought - had a bed breakfast and flowers from mom and sushi and wine for dinner with him - grammy award winner harry styles and folklore aoty!!!! - cant handle another lockdown god please make it all pass - so... i started walking again


autumn is officially here and i already feel the weather nicer - oh god i need a job!!! - read a lot this month - cant believe the plans are really going down on paper

  • april

my post graduation is almost over - i miss seeing the beach and putting my feet in the sand - the exercises are doing good for my anxiety - im feeling less out of breath and my tremors subsided - did a pilates class online and love it - started circe and im really excited to read it - you take my hand and drag me head first, FEARLESS - cant believe fearless taylor's version is actually here!!! - six of crows is SOMETHING - finally finished my post graduate - there's still a tcc to finish - 23.04 shadow and bone is here and is everything and more - its been hard to read lately and i dont know why - 2 years and 6 months - i wish my life would have more meaning - sometimes i feel like im hovering in the air just waiting for things to happen and change - beach weekend

  • may

our first consultation - 11.05 vacina!!!! - SOUR is out - finally started my thesis - literally hangover sucks - well, everything is going

  • june

trying to get back on my reading - writing writing writing - do i still know how to socialize? - totally fascinated with maneskin - its our third valentine's day together - finally finished six of crows after two months - spent the night in a farmhouse with my friends - almost finished my tcc - go back and forth reading

  • july

i guess this is the month that i complete my post graduation and start looking for a job - reading another dark academia series - we can finally spend quality time together - finished my tcc - i think i got a job? idk -

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