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  • sleeping w my arm in the pillow case
  • talking in accents out of nowhere
  • saying "good gravy" & "holy guacamole"
  • being loyal to a fault
  • notoriously unpredictable behavior
  • obsessive personality
  • overly emotional & cries at everything
  • having worse sense of direction than helen keller
  • typically liking movies with overall awful reviews
  • having an irrational fear of garbage disposals
  • loving numbers and math, but preference for even numbers
  • collecting lighters and grinders
  • not letting any of the food touch on a plate
  • listening to relatively shitty music
  • busting out (terrible) impersonations
  • consistently talking w my hands
  • giving pep-talks to myself/talking to myself in general
  • obnoxiously scream-singing commercial jingles
  • saying 'truly' too often and usually incorrectly
  • making sexual innuendos at inappropriate times
  • listening to one song on repeat for hours at a time
  • constantly apologizing bc of past trauma lol
jan 1 2020 ∞
aug 6 2020 +