start date: 2020年06月10日 ┊ finish date: 2023年03月08日

▸ completed: 8/101

grown-up stuff

  • save R$10 for every task I complete (R$80/R$80).
  • renew my ID.
  • apply for a passport.
  • learn how to drive.
  • donate everything I don't use.
  • deactivate my Facebook account.

studies and work

  • take the IELTS test.
  • get a job.
  • go to college.
  • learn basic german.
  • start muay thai class.
  • start learning sign language.

health and self

  • have a health check-up.
  • start therapy.
  • keep an exercise routine.
  • regulate my sleep schedule.
  • get a tattoo.
  • grow my hair long.
  • learn how to braid my hair.
  • dye my hair a flashy colour.
  • learn to make bubble tea at home.


  • watch all Hayao Miyazaki movies (5/16).
  • watch 30 movies (22/30).
  • watch Star Trek: the original series.
  • watch 5 documentaries (1/5).
  • watch a theatre play.
  • watch all The Lord of the Rings movies.
  • rewatch The Untamed.
  • finish watching Hannibal.
  • finish listening to The Penumbra Podcast.
  • listen to 30 new albums (18/30).


  • get the courage to play Darkwood.
  • win a game of Civilization VI.
  • survive until summer on Don't Starve Together.
  • 100% The Shrouded Isle.
  • buy and finish playing Hades

to read

  • read a book on Brazil's LGBT history.
  • read four books.
  • read some of Allan Poe's short stories.
  • read Mo Dao Zu Shi.
  • finish Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft.
  • read The Crooked Path.
  • read The Song of Achilles.


  • complete the wheel of the year.
  • start meditating daily.
  • bake an apple pie on Samhain and share it.
  • kindle a golden candle and meditate on Yule.
  • do a dedication ritual on Imbolc.
  • spring clean my house and raise protections on Ostara.
  • drink wine and maybe do a love spell on Beltane.
  • visit a park and enjoy the sunlight on Litha.
  • craft something on Lammas.
  • write down everything I am grateful for on Mabon.
  • buy or bind a nice book of shadows.

arts and crafts

  • make a drawing for pride month.
  • make three paintings (0/3).
  • make a comic strip.
  • participate in "Inktober".
  • finish a sketchbook.
  • write a story.
  • write a horror tale.
  • make a scrapbook.

places to go

  • go clubbing.
  • go on a date.
  • go to a party with Ale.
  • go to an art museum with Gustavo.
  • go to a concert.
  • go karaoke.
  • go ghost hunting.
  • go to a coffee shop.
  • go to pride.
  • go on a road trip with my friends.
  • go to Anime Friends with Alessa.
  • go to a restaurant with some friends.


  • volunteer.
  • join a protest.
  • join an org.
  • get a penpal.
  • cosplay.
  • start or join a book club.
  • make a new friend.
  • walk on a field of sunflowers.
  • watch the sunrise on the beach.
  • have a birthday party.
  • watch the sunrise and sunset in one day.
  • fall in love.
  • kiss someone at midnight on New Year's Eve.
  • stay out all night dancing.
  • send a postcard with postcrossing.
  • write a letter to "the person who finds this".
  • write a letter to future me.
  • learn a poem by heart.
  • learn 50 random things on Wikipedia (0/50).
  • learn to fold the Tsuru in origami.
  • take on a 30-day challenge.

to buy

  • buy something cool on a thrift store.
  • buy a professional camera.
  • buy a new computer.
  • buy a professional Rubik's cube.
  • buy a potted plant and keep it alive.
  • buy a guitar
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