Ⅰ. Januar

"Yet if hope has flown away / In a night, or in a day, / In a vision, or in none, / Is it therefore the less gone? / All that we see or seem / Is but a dream within a dream" - Edgar Allan Poe.

Evermore by Taylor Swift.

Hades - Tartarus.

"When at last before my ghostly shipmates I stand / I shed a small tear for my home upon land / Though their eyes speak of depths filled with struggle and strife / Their smiles below say I don't owe them my life / As the souls of the dead fill the space of my eyes / And my boat listed over and tried to capsize / I'm this far from drowning, this far from the sea, / I remember the living do they think of me? / When my bones in the ocean forever will be" - bones in the ocean

Hades - Asphodel.

Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino.

Diana, the huntress by Guillaume Seignac.

"You're not dying, you know. When mom and dad died, I thought I was going to die too. I was sure of it. But then I thought what if I was already dead? But nobody knew and I was walking around dead. But everybody could see and hear me. That was dreadful. It only felt like dying because actually, I was still alive. You have to be to feel that way. I wasn't dead. I was just really, really sad. But then I learned a secret. I didn't even need to be sad anymore." | "What secret?" | "Dead doesn't mean gone."

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

From the original script for City on the Edge of Forever, Star Trek.


ⅠⅠ. Februar


"Não compreendem que ele morreu? Ele morreu! Sem Medo morreu! Não compreendem que ele morreu? Sem Medo morreu!". Os homens olharam o vulto do Comandante e viram-lhe o sorriso nos lábios. Sorria à vida ou à morte? "Vamos então embora" disse Muatiânvua. "És tu que dizes para irmos embora?", gritou o Comissário, "Tu, de quem ele gostava tanto? Tu, Muatiânvua? Ninguém vai embora. Vamos enterrá-lo aqui". "É loucura", disse Ekuikui "Não temos pás nem enxadas. Os obuses caem perto. Vamos levá-lo para outro sítio". "Cavemos com os punhais, com as mãos, com o que quiserem. Mas ele será enterrado aqui. Ninguém tem o direito de transportar Sem Medo morto. Onde ele morreu é onde ele fica enterrado. É a única homenagem que lhe podemos prestar". - Mayombe, Pepetela.

Buell Quain (May 31, 1912 - August 02, 1939), the subject of the book Nove Noites by Bernardo Carvalho.

Hades - Elysium.

Hades - Greece.

Things we lost in the fire by Bastille.

Hades - Family portrait.

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