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  • *writing in my diary using a glitter gel pen* I'm losing my sense of humanity
  • turns out i simply cannot handle things or situations
  • idk what it is about sitting in chairs and having both feet on the floor but it's so uncomfortable and awful and I'll never willingly do it if there's literally any other option.
  • whew ok, time to work! ..okay. okay. let’s get started. …,,okeyy ah lets do this. yep…. okay. yes sir lets do this. let’s get started….just gonna start now yep. ,,okay. okay. okayy. ok. …ok..okey…..alright ok.. right hhh.
  • coming out of my cage and they're shouting oh fuck it's loose call for backup I repeat call for backup subject has breached containment area
  • my vibes arent off I am cursed theres a difference
sep 29 2021 ∞
jun 4 2022 +