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o único milagre que podemos fazer será o de continuar a viver [...] amparar a fragilidade da vida um dia após o outro.

⚠️ do it scared.

from fiona apple's song relay

    • evil is a relay sport when the one who's burned turns to pass the torch.

by james baldwin

    • love has never been a popular movement. and no one's ever wanted, really, to be free. the world is held together, really it is held together, by the love and the passion of a very few people. otherwise, of course you can despair. walk down the street of any city, any afternoon, and look around you. what you've got to remember is what you're looking at is also you. everyone you're looking at is also you. you could be that person. you could be that monster, you could be that cop. and you have to decide, in yourself, not to be.

from baldwin's if beale street could talk

    • “i know i can’t help you very much right now – god knows what i wouldn’t give if i could. but i know about suffering; if that helps. i know that it ends. i ain’t going to tell you no lies, like it always ends for the better. sometimes it ends for the worse. you can suffer so bad that you can be driven to a place where you can’t ever suffer again: and that’s worse.” she took both my hands and held them tightly between her own. “try to remember that. and: the only way anything ever gets done is when you make up your mind to do it.”

by michelle k.

    • i treat myself like i would my daughter. i brush her hair, wash her laundry, tuck her in goodnight. most importantly, i feed her. i do not punish her. i do not berate her, leave tears staining her face. i do not leave her alone. i know she deserves more. i know i deserve more.
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