• sun-baked dirt roads with the sky stretching out ahead
  • ducking underwater at night; surfacing and looking up at the stars
  • that exact moment at a concert where the band comes out on stage and they launch into the first song.
  • back roads at night with a car full of friends and an excellent playlist
  • grey skies that hold the promise of rain
  • cold fingers and toes under a comforter on a winter morning
  • the exact moment when a song strikes just right
  • forests that smell like damp and woods and moss and dirt
  • decorating cupcakes late at night right before going to sleep
  • sore muscles and tired to the bone, knowing you can sleep as long as you want
  • a thick layer of snow, unblemished in the moonlight
  • sitting on the porch in the early morning, wrapped in a comforter with the world blanketed by fog
    • or deep into the night, under a full moon
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