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inspired by lacunainc

Dreamy: The personality falls inside a soft and dreamy field. You view the world through an enchanted, mystical or distorted lens.

    • + sensitivity, visionary, imaginative, idealistic, sympathetic, intuitive brilliance
    • – disillusioned, overly sensitive, vulnerable, addictive, vague, unstable

Original: Dark Blue implies the eternal, infinite beyond and so this is the personality of the brilliant thinker and unconventional personality. Truth seeker, innovator and humanitarian, the individual or ordinary little things can be overlooked. You belong to the future and the bigger picture. There is a natural inquisitive nature, a progressive or radial stance and the tendency towards just causes. Unpredictable and erratic yet fiercely loyal and stubborn, you make a very good, if sometimes annoying, friend. Independent, eccentric, innovative and positive, you attract a variety of interesting people. You have the ability to be apart of any group or stand alone.

    • + visionary, idealistic, progressive, determined, intellectual, eloquent, leadership, humanitarian
    • – emotional detachment, unpredictable, stubborn, impatient, erratic, aloof

Gentle Heart: Emotionally vulnerable and quite tender, light blue softens and elevates the personality. A repulsion to ugliness and hardship can lead to inactivity and indecisiveness. Yet a love of beauty and harmony can lift the spirits to the heights and sometimes the heart takes wing.

    • + musical and artistic talent, diplomacy, charm, grace, sensitivity, affectionate, intelligence
    • – paralysis, self indulgence, dependence, frivolity, changeable, indiscriminate, lack of substance

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