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In relatively chronological order.

  • Writing my name on the VHS label will make me appear in the movie. Think "Beauty and the Beast" or "Little Mermaid." I don't know how my logic applied to minor characters.
  • Pennsylvania is in the Midwest.
  • Concerning friends: quantity is greater than quality.
  • Grades reflect intelligence.
  • The dead go to heaven. / There is an afterlife.
  • Christianity
  • There is/are no god(s).
    • I've come to the conclusion that you can't be sure, but I do not affiliate myself with any religion.
  • I will not have sex before marriage.
  • My father is an air traffic controller.
    • He runs a homecare service with his nurse wife and invests in property.
  • My father likes to skydive.
    • He was always too afraid to try, but he does scuba dive.
  • My parents should get back together. / I would rather live with my father.
  • High school is the worst time of your life.
  • Everything gets better when you're older.
  • You can always count on your family.
    • I strive for self-reliance because you can't always depend on others, but I thought my parents at least had my best interests in mind.
    • After being away from home for some time, I've had a chance to reevaluate my views on family. My mother loves me and she tries harder than any mother I know to ensure my happiness and well-being, though there are occasional misunderstandings.
  • At Beloit, everything will magically change. I will change.
    • I can't deny that I am changing, albeit slowly and not in ways I anticipated. Running away from my problems solves nothing. I am not entitled to anything and must work hard for my desires.
  • I will be with Michael forever. He is everything.
    • Nothing is guaranteed. No one can promise eternal love.
  • Beloit is my dream school.
  • I will never smoke pot.
  • Trimming your own bangs can't possibly be that hard.
  • Once a cheater, always a cheater.
    • Eh... This largely still applies, but I believe it all depends on awareness and self-control.
  • I will never drink alcohol.
    • I still can't decide if I am disappointed in myself. It was my life's goal to never even try alcohol.
    • Okay. I've reached a verdict: it's rather immature and ignorant to condemn something you've never tried. There are exceptions, of course, but life is short! So why not experience as much as you can?
  • I want to be a writer.
    • Call me boring, but I would really enjoy being a technical writer.
  • Love triumphs over everything.
    • I would still like to believe this... I'm starting to lose faith in love altogether which is especially unsettling for me because I used to believe so strongly in it. And I've become increasingly cynical. I think people are ultimately selfish and will use others for their own gain.
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