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stay calm. nothing will happen. you can do it. you can overcome the feeling. you're is strong. don't give up. i know that you can. if is not working, try again. it will work. you will overcome anxiety, ok? i trust on you.

★ reminders

  • a head full of fears has no space for dreams;
  • anxiety has nothing to do with courage or character. nothing at all. it's a disorder, not who you are;
  • be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best you can;
  • be strong. you know that you can;
  • don't be pushed by your problems or your fears. be led by your dreams;
  • don't compare yourself to anyone;
  • don't lose yourself in your fear;
  • don't push yourself a lot;
  • don't worry: what is your is your. nothing can't change that;
  • if you can fight, fight. just don't give up;
  • it is okay to have bad days;
  • it's okay to be scared. just don't dive into an fear;
  • it's okay to fail. sometimes, we can't do it at once;
  • learn let things go. sometimes, you'll have to;
  • remember: it's not your fault;
  • smile, breathe and go slowly;
  • the only one who's really judging you is yourself, nobody else.
  • there's no need to be ashamed of who you are;
  • you are not fragile or stupid just because you are asking for help;
  • you don’t have to control your thoughts. you just have to stop letting them control you;
  • your mind is your prison when you focus on your fear.
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★ feeling anxious?

  • breathe;
  • clean something (your desk, your shelves, your closet. whatever);
  • dance;
  • don't isolate yourself. try to talk or just stay close to persons that you feel good around;
  • draw;
  • drink tea;
  • go to walk (or run);
  • listen to an old song;
  • pray;
  • read a book;
  • see puppies and cats pictures;
  • watch something fun or something that you really like;
  • write.

just do something. another suggestions here

★ feeling sad or depress?

★ positive thoughts

  • nothing will happen;
  • you can! keep trying;
  • you're loved. people care about you;
  • you're not alone;
  • you're not your disorder;
  • you're not your fear;
  • you're strong and brave.

a few things that can help you with the anxiety

  • breathing exercises;
  • cut caffeine;
  • don’t skip meals;
  • exercise;
  • sleep well;
  • therapy;
  • vitamins.


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