• 06 Met Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye.


    • 18 Philosophical dinner party at Auntie Sannie and Uncle Sheldon's.
    • 19 Ears pierced for the first time + James the guinea pig.


    • 16 Learned that 婆婆 has stage 4 lung cancer.
    • 24 Received acceptance letter to The Kenyon Review Young Writers program!


    • 9 Photoshoot avec Grace.
    • 13-15 CNH District Convention in Santa Clara.
    • 21 Prom.
    • 26 First Pencil Shavings submission to TBP. ("ace")


    • 5 Created hitRECord account.
    • 9, 15, 16 Calc AB, 中文, French, AP English Lang exams.
    • 13-15 Uncle, aunt, and cousins visit.
    • 31 Last day of junior year. (Hallelujah!)


    • 2-5 Trip to Seattle.
    • 22-30 Informal family reunion.
    • 29 Achieved learner's permit!


    • 9 First driving lesson.
    • 13 Second driving lesson. Also, had dinner with the mother at Elements.
    • 15-28 Kenyon Review Young Writers Session II. Life changed. So much love. Nerd Paradise. Lifetime friendships. I miss them all. Draw your own Jake Adam York.


    • 9-11 College tour of Pomona, UCLA and UCSD with the mother.


    • 3 Beirut concert at the Fox Oakland Theater with Emma. Breathtaking and beautiful.


    • 6 LAST SAT EVER. Brought a UChicago sticker and kept it on my desk as moral support. Fingers crossed.
    • 7 SF Adventure with Grace: Man Ray/Lee Miller + René Bouché exhibits + got to see lots of impressionist works + sushi birthday dinner
    • 9 17th birthday.
    • 14 Birthday pt. 2? Happy day. Started Prufrock on someone's World of Text and someone(s) else finished it. Instant happiness.
    • 18 Fifth UChicago information session, hehe. Yay new regional admissions officer!
    • 19 Stars concert at Rio Theatre Santa Cruz. California Wives and Diamond Rings opened. Unforgettable night. Got to briefly chat with Calif. Wives and received a hug from the lead singer. So happy I got to share Jamie's first concert experience.
    • 21 Greystone Social w/ Leland, Pioneer, Ann Sobrato, and ST. Got to roll around in the grass for the first time in a long time. Tried horchata for the first time. Afterwards, made ~secret posters with Grace and helped Alex with his précis at my house.
    • 29 UChi sent. Feels so good.


    • 3 Book sale at Almaden Library with TPL, bought 7 books.
    • 15-16 First time flying alone. Overnight stay at Snell house at UChicago (unforgettable) + lovely interview the next morning.


    • 13 SFSU! First acceptance, hurrah!
    • 16 O Captain, my Captain. Rest in peace, Jake Adam York. Thank you for everything.
    • 21 U of Redlands!
    • 24-1 Trip to Canada. Spent two days at Whistler Blackcomb. Learned to snowboard, fun times, tiring times.
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