• 9 Conversation with mom about the conversation/dinner she had with 大大人 about my future back in December. 何=向. I will not lose hope!
    • 15 Last college application submitted.
    • 26 Changed rooms (again).


    • 2 Saw Sarah and Phil K. with Grace again! This time at Stanford. Very different atmosphere than before, but still the same wonderful, talented, inspiring people.
    • 11 Nighttime badminton with S, L, N, A (+D?). Mango pudding grips + falling down flat on my back + childlocked car doors = fun times, fun times.
    • 14 Made the team!
    • 16 Drove part of the way to Gilroy and went shopping with the mother. We always shop on the best days -- saved over $300, I'm not kidding. Dinner with Auntie Sannie and Uncle Sheldon. Last time I was given the LOTR book box set, this time I came home with all 3 movies!
    • 22 Surprise belated birthday party for Em and N


    • 15 Fun practice + spontaneous trip to Bintang with L and N. Saw many Coach lookalikes but then (surprise!) Coach actually showed up and he complimented us for our determination. Swollen feet = definitely time to get baddy shoes even though I've only $21 saved up. :(
    • 17 Bought a super colorful and obnoxious-looking pair of baddy shoes. Mystery Machine.
    • 19 First game of the season against ST. School won 9-6 and L and I won our match 21-11!
    • 21 Lost badly against PHHS. Still, the bus ride was memorable. Also received a mysterious rhyming compliment?? Yay???
    • 28 May not be able to afford anywhere come July, but I won't give up!
    • 30 Day filled with adventures! Went straight to Bintang with N, L, and M after Chinese school. Stopped by Panera on the way, played for about 3 hours, then went to 'Tino Village for milk tea at Ten Ren and ate at Ai Noodle. Got lost twice on the way to L's church, but eventually made it home. Had a lovely discussion with N about possibly going to Foothill.


    • 5 Skipped baddy practice to go to R's house to relax and watch all three Rush Hour movies. I kept falling asleep but the afternoon was nice and warm and good.
    • 6 Climbed Mission Peak, ate a big breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, got Ten Ren, went karaoking, crammed into a car with 7 people — all before 3 p.m.!
    • 8 Studio Ghibli marathon at R&R's house! Tons of food and great people. I kept falling asleep again, but nevertheless it was an incredibly lovely day.
    • 9 First varsity game – V3! If you only looked at the score, you would immediately say we lost badly (which is true) but we played well and it was not a soul-crushing defeat. We have lots to improve on but all in good time. :)
    • 10 Went out to lunch (phở) with the same group and after we finished eating we sat around for an hour just to chat. Got some Tapex and sat around talking again, then went to One Tree Hill to laze around and take pictures.
    • 11 Hung out at J's house. She gave me a whole bag of homemade kimchi. :)
    • 12 Nighttime badminton with L and N again. Played three matches and lost all of them but we had fun and we've definitely improved!
    • 13 Hiked Mission Peak again for the sunset. Late dinner in Milpitas at Sizzling Stone.
    • 14 Last day of break! BBQ at J's house and another karaoke session. Lots of laughter and giggles.
    • 16 Amazing pho dinner with the AP Physics class!
    • 23 No class! Spent an hour at school for senior assembly/panoramic and then walked home to make spaghetti and watched Treasure Planet with some lovely ladies. Then walked back to Leland for home game against Piedmont. An honorable loss, hurrah! Then went to Bintang for more badminton training.
    • 24 Beach with my bud and those other kids too. Strange, uncomfortable encounter with a drunk alcoholic named Brook (?). Got some good clam chowder later. Overall a nice relaxing day.
    • 29 Made V2 mixed in one day. Holy schnitzel. (Almost made V1 but we decided to forfeit.) Holy moly.
    • 30 First V2 game! Lost 13-15, 10-15. Close game. Fun. Proud. :)


    • 1 Committed???? Trying to convince myself that the real value of this education > the nominal value. It has to be. It has to.
    • 7 FIRST VICTORY AS V2 MIXED! Went to third set and had to go to set during that one.
    • 9 Best Senior Night ever. So many people came to watch and it really warmed my heart. Won my match in two sets! I teared up three times during the game and then I broke into tears during the cake fight. Badminton really saved my life. I'm going to miss it so much.
    • 15 Solved my first Blue's Clues. Asldkfjdskljfahsfhla.
    • 17 Escaped, went to Five Guys, refused to sneak back in (although the others did), lazed around the park, went home and napped, went out to dinner with the family (大舅父+家人), then played Sardines and Zombies in the dark at LHS/BHMS. Got caught up in the late night guy talk and didn't get home 'til past midnight.
    • 23 Bloomster's. Met Bear. Tux fitting. Visited SCU! First time at Orenchi. Ensemble/Orchestra concert.
    • 25 我們終於畢業了! Chinese grad + banquet. c: Complete with crazy KTV.
    • 26 BBQ (my salads were a success!). Truth or Dare. Driving around at 9 pm on a Sunday looking for food. Movies, good company. I'm happy.
    • 31 Officially out of school. Practiced styling our hair for SB. Later that evening, first time getting a manicure/pedicure!


    • 1 Senior Ball. The music was pretty good compared to other dances I've been to. Had an all around good time. After party was interesting. Went home "early," exhausted.
    • 2 Badminton beach banquet! So tired from the night before that all we did was lie around on the beach, trying to sleep. Accidentally tanned and came home looking like chocolate.
    • 4 Crazy 4-hour karaoke session with 14 amazing people. Went to Venus Tam afterwards and then lazed around at the park.
    • 5 GRADUATION. The official ceremony went smoother than expected after what I saw happen at practice. It didn't hit me that we're ACTUALLY DONE until around 11 pm. Then I started reading all the yearbook messages and basically had a sob fest with L. My eyes are puffy. I'm done. We're done. Life's finally starting.
    • 6 Baked cookies with L for four hours to cheer N up!
    • 13 Bowling with da gang. Didn't do "much" at J's afterwards.
    • 26 Passed my final Guild audition!


    • 4 Baked mediocre chocolate chip cookies and brought them to watch fireworks with da gang.
    • 10 First time at the drive-in. Watched This Is The End.
    • 16-17 Camping with da gang at Uvas! The best girl talk I've had in a while, Cards Against Humanity, late night chats.
    • 18-19 Orientation. Fun but exhausting.
    • 20 Earlier: Senior Celebration recital. Later: pizza and TapEx and a long, serious chat. Speechless/numb.
    • 21 SF trip with the girls! Took Caltrain up, did touristy stuff at Fisherman's Wharf, walked down the Embarcadero all the way back to the train station. Beautiful day.
    • 22 Watched Warm Bodies. First.
    • 24 Celebrated J's 18th! Santa Cruz until around 6. Got Little Caesar's and brought it to Panther, complete with a bonfire.
    • 29 Surprised R&R with birthday gifts! So proud of my homemade sugar scrubs and gift wrap. Ended up staying late just chatting and derping around, complete with F's homemade cheesecake.
    • 30 Scary movie night.
    • 31 SF trip with 7 girls and a guy. Way too much ice cream. Ended the night by watching the Bay Lights. Missed the 9:40 train by 5 minutes and had to wait for the 10:40. Freaking chanced upon CW as he walked out of the station bathroom. It was an honest WTF moment but nonetheless a really great way to end the night.


    • 1-2 Sleepover at BFF's. Homemade ramen, movie night, 7 girls squished into a tiny tent.
    • 7 Watched L practice pipe organ and got to try it myself! Later: pho, sunset in some EV neighborhood park, then Scoops (fruity loops)
    • 8 Made strawberry & white chocolate chip ice cream, had a successful afternoon of thrifting, and helped dye TPL's hair purple using Kool-Aid/JELL-O
    • 11 Aquarium + clam chowder + Perseids meteor shower on Fremont Peak
    • 17 Thrifting + dinner with N, D, L
    • 19 Last Mission Peak sunrise for the summer with the SPAM group.
    • 21 Bonfire at Panther Beach. Cried on Rachel's shoulder in the SPL. Talked.
    • 23 Said another round of goodbyes.
    • 30 Wisdom teeth.


    • 1 Late-night visit.
    • 6 Late-night scary movies, Mario Kart and La Vic's.
    • 9 Licensed!
    • 14 Berkeley visit. Later: giant G+ hangout with SPAM.
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user picture s: congrats my man feb 14 2013
user picture dorothy: Congrats on being V3! Best of luck to you and Lucia on the rest of your games <3 I'll be sure to cheer for both of you in-person whenever I can. apr 11 2013
user picture serena: Thanks for the support, dear! We were bumped up to V3 because it was an emergency game and half of our team couldn't make it. We're going to fight to keep our position though. :) apr 12 2013