goal: 40% paleo, better posture, acne-free, more energy


    • say goodbye
      • cut out grains (exception: small amount of brown rice at dinner, just to appease my Chinese grandma)
      • cut out dairy (start making my own ice cream)
      • cut out starchy, sugary processed foods
      • cut out legumes (QQ goodbye peanut butter)
      • basically get rid of all manmade foods (the "center aisles" in the grocery store)
    • welcome with open arms
      • 50% meat, meat, meat (back to eating all meats)
      • 50% vegetables (check seasonal guide, ici)
      • 1 serving of fruit per day (berries are best, avoid fruits esp. high in sugar, juice does NOT count)
      • nuts are good, but not too many! (except on days when low on protein)
      • coconut oil, macademia nut oil (if possible)


    • physical
      • daily 15 min routine: bow, sky stretch, toe touch, reverse toe touch (10 sec/stretch)
      • pushups in the morning, situps at night
      • 100 days of burpees challenge? maybe?
    • mental
      • memory building: every night when you go to bed, review everything you did during the day from start to finish. visualize every detail as best you can. it's okay if you fall asleep before you finish.

insp & resources

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