• general relativity: "space tells objects how to move, objects tell space what shape to be" x
  • mass: "you and I and swiss cheese clearly have mass because we have the luxury of being able to sit still" teehee x
  • The Higgs Boson: "is a particle that is a left-over excitation from the Higgs field, which in turn was needed in the Standard Model to 1) explain the weak nuclear force and 2) explain why any of the other particles (protons, electrons, quarks) have mass at all" x
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aug 18 2013 +
user picture s: you are such a physics nerd and i think that's really cute hehe aug 25 2012
user picture serena: d'aww i'm a little too loud and proud about it but thanks bud!
user picture dorothy: Sorry to bump in and all, but I love how you're a physics nerd too. :)
user picture serena: thanks dorothy! I love how you're a bio nerd. c: