• currently reading
    • Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
  • listening to
    • artist: Cold War Kids
    • artist: Devendra Banhart
    • artist: Jaymes Young
  • thoughts
    • having really crazy dreams again
    • started doing pilates = feels good
    • I chose a side and I don't want to feel guilty
    • a girl can never have too many pairs of boots (not that I bought any pairs this month, but I've been thinking about it since fall will be rolling around the corner soon. BOOTS!)
    • letting go
    • started codecademy
    • I love this Canon A-1 with all my life
  • vocabulary
    • sui generis (latin phrase) • "of its own kind/genus"
aug 6 2013 ∞
sep 1 2013 +