• listening to • Love Letter (album, by 大塚愛)


  • I'm employed.
  • I'm not going to school tomorrow.
  • I would rather go to school than go to where I'm going.
  • Note to self: You can bring yourself back.
  • My life is in a jumble that I can't dig myself out of.
  • I'll ramble in my LJ later.
  • I want to hug a boy (legitly out of sincerity), just to see what if feels like.
  • Unfortunately, boys are weird.
  • (insert profanity)
  • I'm all empty and cold.
  • It is difficult to cry.
  • It is not difficult to feel like crying, though.
  • I haven't eaten bitter melon or potatoes in a while.
  • (insert more profanity)
  • I want to buy books or go to a library with all the books I want to read.
  • I need to start my MRF. (note: due May 3rd before 6PM)
apr 29 2011 ∞
apr 30 2011 +