Making this list as positive as possible so when I feel myself withdrawing back into Complains-A-Lot World, I can re-read it and add to it and generally make myself feel better.

  • Learning stuff for free is cool!
  • No longer stuck at home with the unhealthy cycle of "eat, sit around, sleep, eat, sit around, sleep."
  • I'll have a proper schedule to stick to. No more lazing around and putting things off.
  • Get to be out of the house.
  • Constant reminder that I'm working towards a greater goal.
  • I chose classes that I want to take. (But, I will miss French.)
  • I will (hopefully) be able to drive myself to places after December/January.
  • If I missed anything else, John Green sums it up pretty well.
aug 8 2012 ∞
jan 18 2013 +
user picture dorothy: I heard that you needed to get a schedule change! Did you get your fixed schedule yet? aug 8 2012
user picture serena: My schedule's actually perfect. I fortunately haven't had any problems with my schedule all 4 years. :) Did your schedule get fixed?
user picture dorothy: Oh really? Ah I must have misunderstood haha. That's great to hear! I submitted a schedule change request, but I don't know if I can go to school to pick it up... do you know how it works? aug 9 2012
user picture serena: Most people say that you get your new schedule the first day of school, but I suggest that you call the office in case you're allowed to go pick it up early or something.