• "Try to be swayed less by their appearance, and more by their other qualities."
  • Stop thinking so hard about it. It's not going to change the issue.
  • Do something in the spur of the moment. Remember that exhilarating thrill you felt?
  • "Arguing with a fool proves there are two."
  • Remember to move on.
  • Complacency is death.
  • "Never go on trips with anyone you do not love." - Ernest Hemingway
  • It is up to me to be more appealing, more outstanding, not for them to make it easier.
  • “Once you realize that will power is just a matter of learning how to control your attention and thoughts, you can really begin to increase it.” - Walter Mischel o
  • "How does one write on the subject of love if one has never been in love?" --- "One writes gingerly, and one observes others carefully." o
  • "The best way to tell a good story is to live a good story." - Phil Kaye x
  • You can do it. x
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