• stay on top of everything (e.g. work, sleep, studying)
  • start a notebook
    • fill it with quotes, sketches, diary entries, short stories, drabbles, ramblings, nonsensical rants...stuff it with emotion
    • when the last page is filled, keep it in a safe place and do not take it out until I either a) graduate from high school and/or b) get accepted into one of my top colleges
  • create
    • write poems or short stories on postcards or just greeting cards and mail them to friends
    • take up painting again?
  • re-visit Chicago
  • write letters
    • and, like Hemingway did, keep everything (i.e. place letters that I do not want to send in envelopes reading "UNSENT")
nov 23 2011 ∞
jan 3 2013 +