Tips compiled from Louis Vuitton's lovely website.

  • Lay out everything needed for the trip to ensure that nothing gets forgotten.
  • Place the heavy objects (e.g. cosmetics/toiletries bags) at the bottom near the wheels.
    • Note: Toiletries must not surpass 100 mls.
    • Tip: Place chargers/adapters in an extra toiletry kit to save time and ensure that everything gets packed.
  • The space between rails can be optimized by rolling up jeans, knits, T-shirts.
    • Roll jeans from bottom to top.
    • For knits and T-shirts, fold in the sleeves and roll bottom to top.
  • Jackets can be interlaced with a skirt/pair of pants to save space. Unfold the collar to protect against creasing in the front.
  • Belts can be rolled tightly inside each other to save space.
  • The space in the corners is best used for small items.
  • Accessories can lay flat amongst layers of clothing to help prevent the clothes from moving.
  • Items requiring additional security checks should be placed near the top for easy access.
  • Interlace shirts, if possible. Unfold collars to avoid additional creases. Place them on the top.
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