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"After all these years, I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside without her" -Mark Twain, The Diary of Adam and Eve.
I'm at Uni studying film, I travel whenever I have the money to do so, and I love to knit. You rarely see me without a book. I live with the love my life and I feel eternally blessed everyday. I think...

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Favorite Places
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  • The Wire
  • Flight of the Conchords
  • LOST
  • Family Guy
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • True Blood
  • Hollyoaks
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nov 28 2009 +
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  • Marry Griff
  • BA in Film Studies
  • MA in Film Theory
  • MA in Library Science
  • PhD in Film Theory
  • Teach Film studies
  • BA in Sociology
  • BA in History
  • Be A Librarian
  • Own a book shop
  • House with a wrap around porch
  • Travel extensively through Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Road trip America
  • Relax in Hawaii
  • Be a Mommy
  • Have at least one story/essay published
  • Sumbit a screenplay, no matter how scared I might be
  • Direct my own independent projects after graduating.
mar 5 2008 ∞
jul 26 2009 +
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My younger sister is studying to become a Special education/ elementary teacher. She is collecting children's books, and I love buying books for her as well. So this is her collection that I'm helping to grow :)

  • It's Okay to be Different by Todd Parr
  • Charlie Anderson by Barbara Abercrombie
  • Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss
  • Who Are You, Stripy Horse? by Jim Helmore and Karen Wall
  • That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown by Cression Cowell and Neal Layton
  • Bruce the Moose by Katherine and Jake Moore
  • The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
  • Song and Dance Man by Karen Ackerman
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees
mar 28 2008 ∞
apr 4 2008 +
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  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Robin Hood
  • Dumbo
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and The Beast
  • The Lion King
  • Song of the South
  • Finding Nemo
  • A Bug's Life
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • The Sword in the Stone
mar 14 2008 ∞
mar 14 2008 +
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  • Thunderstorms
  • Libraries
  • Charity Shops (mostly to find books, but I love finding the odd knick-knacks and picture frames)
  • spice chai lattes
  • dogs and cats
  • making up songs
  • hot cocoa
  • large windows
  • stationary
  • pumpkins
  • honey
  • grocery shopping
  • long bus rides
  • window shopping
  • making lists
  • a very cold dark rum and diet coke
  • sleeping on my parent's back porch
  • black & white movies
  • craft stores
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may 21 2008 +
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Unfortunately I find them a lot quicker than I have time to read them. It's an addiction I'm afraid....

  • Portraits and Observations The Essays of Truman Capote
  • The Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler
  • Not the Girl Next Door: Joan Crawford biography by Charlotte Chandler
  • Post Secret by Frank Warren
  • Bette Davis Biography
  • Watching the English by Kate Fox
  • Summer Crossing by Truman Capote
  • Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell
  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • Non-Fiction by Chuck Palahniuk
  • The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe
  • Out of Egypt by Anne Rice
  • Once is Not Enough by Jacqueline Susann
  • Collection of Stories by the Brothers Grimm
may 7 2007 ∞
feb 15 2010 +
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  • Big Wheel
  • Bouncing off Clouds
  • Digital Ghost
  • Marianne
  • Caught a Light Sneeze
  • Hey Jupiter
  • In the Springtime of his Voodoo
  • Putting the Damage On
  • Cool on Your Island
  • Raspberry Swirl
  • Northern Lad
  • Precious Things
  • Silent All These Years
  • Tear in Your Hand
  • Your Cloud
  • Taxi Ride
  • Sleeps with Butterflies
  • New Age (cover)
  • I Don't Like Mondays (cover)
  • Rattlesnakes (cover)
  • 1000 Oceans
may 5 2007 ∞
may 9 2007 +
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  • Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
  • The New Experience of Childbirthy by Shelia Kitzinger
  • Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
  • Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
  • The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndam
  • The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
  • Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding by Ina May Gaskin
  • Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris
  • Club Dead by Charlaine Harris
  • Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris
  • Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote
  • 99 Fear Street: The First Horror by R.L. Stine
  • 99 Fear Street: The Second Horror by R.L. Stine
  • 99 Fear Street: The Third Horror by R.L. ...
jan 20 2010 ∞
dec 11 2010 +
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  • The beautiful sea, and lying out on the beach just reading and relaxing.
  • Sitting out on the balcony, drinking champagne and playing rummy to celebrate our 3 year anniversary
  • Napping outside on the balcony all day on Wednesday
  • Trip to Mt. Etna...I think we took 50 pictures of mountain smoking before we even got there.
  • In one of the many many gift shops that sell Volcano rock sculpted into all sorts of knick knacks, we meet the one little old lady who offers us the local peanut brittle. While enjoy this tasty snack and find a huge penis and ball combo made of volcano rock sitting on the shelf. It wouldn't see so odd if there had been several, but it was the only one of the shelf. I suspect that it's a lever that leads to ...
jul 10 2008 ∞
jul 10 2008 +
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  • Making Mr. Right
  • Down By Law
  • Night On Earth
  • Mystery Train
  • Monster Squad
  • My Best Friend is a Vampire
  • Once Bitten
  • Blood Simple
  • Dead Man
  • Transamerica
  • Velvet Goldmine
  • Citizen Ruth
  • Wild At Heart
  • Bigger Than Life
  • Nosferatu the Vampyre
  • Ken Russell's The Devils
  • Man Bites Dog
  • Elizabeth
  • All That Heaven Allows (Douglas Sirk)
  • The Deer Hunter
  • Black Narcissus
jul 23 2007 ∞
may 31 2009 +
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  • My Babysitter is a Vampire (series)
  • Ma and Pa Dracula
  • A Cricket in Time Square
  • The Baby sitter's Club
  • Sweet Valley Twins and Friends
  • R.L. Stine's Fear Street series
  • In A Dark Dark Room
  • Say Goodnight, Gracie
  • Matilda
  • The Witches
  • Children's version of Dracula
  • Archie/Betty & Veronica comics
  • the bernstein bears
  • the teacher from the black lagoon
  • help! i'm a prisoner in the library!
  • first wedding, once removed
  • american girls series (esp. Samantha, Molly and Felicity)
  • don't hurt laurie!
may 2 2007 ∞
mar 14 2008 +
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  • seeing my family
  • lots of hugs
  • good food
  • playing with Molly Bugs
  • I don't actually have to do anything (chore-wise)
  • there's a lot of laughing, not so much drama
  • staying up late with mom watching tv
  • driving!
  • sitting on my parent's back porch
  • visiting all the old haunts
  • clothes are so much cheaper!
  • being silly with Mimi
  • long chats with Dad
  • big hugs from Erik and Jake
  • Wendy :)
  • things stay open later
mar 14 2008 ∞
mar 14 2008 +
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  • Wicked - West End (Apollo Theatre)
  • Hairspray- West End (Shaftesbury Theatre)
  • Grease - The Peace Center
  • Chicago - West End, The Peace Center
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show - New Wimbledon Theater
  • Phantom of the Opera - West End (Her Majesty's Theatre)
  • Cabaret - West End (Lyric Theatre), The Peace Center
  • Momma Mia! - The Peace Center
  • Oklahoma- Greenville Little Theater
  • The Wizard of Oz- The Peace Center
  • Cats- Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, The Peace Center
  • We Will Rock You- West End (Dominion Theatre)
  • Dancing in the Streets- West End (Richmond Theatre)
  • The Lion King- West End (Lyceum Theatre)
may 2 2007 ∞
aug 30 2009 +
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  • 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King
  • Harry Potter
  • In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
  • the Godfather by Mario Puzo
  • The Valley of the Dolls by Jaq. Susann
  • Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman
  • The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman
  • The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
  • Haunted by Chuck Palanuik
  • American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
  • Sextrology
  • The Diary of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain
  • A Man Without a Country by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Flowers in the Attic (Series) by V.C. Andrews
  • Wicked by Gregory Maguire.
may 7 2007 ∞
jan 17 2008 +
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  • Skydiving
  • Swim with manatees
  • Hold a baby gorilla
  • Go to Wrestlemania
  • Travel the states Cross country
  • Spend a Halloween in Transylvania
  • Major birthday trip/extravaganza for me and Wendy's 30th!
  • Documentary on the South
  • Great White Shark watching in Australia
  • Cage diving
  • Eat fresh pineapple in Hawaii
  • Run/Jog/Walk in a Charity Marathon.
  • Spend one evening at the Chateau Marmont
feb 16 2008 ∞
mar 30 2009 +
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  • wearing the colour blue makes me feel sad all day
  • i try to take a nice long soak every week in a bubble bath and read a few chapters. heaven.
  • i would wear skirts and dresses everyday if i could.
  • i sometimes clench my fists while sleeping and i wake up because my nails have dug into my skin so deeply
  • most nights i have nightmares
  • i get overwhelmingly cold around 5.30-6ish everyday
  • tears gross me out
  • some days i don't even turn the tv on.
  • My favorite Disney film is Sleeping Beauty. One of my favorite colors is pink. But in that film I prefer it when she wears the blue dress. And I don't even like blue.
  • If I could play the guitar and sing (I ca...
jun 1 2007 ∞
may 17 2008 +
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  • Christian Bale
  • Johnny Depp
  • Gary Oldman
  • Michael Pitt
  • Naveen Andrews
  • Clive Owen
  • Al Pacino
  • Cillian Murphy
  • Gerard Way (MCR)
  • Gerard Butler
  • Patrick Dempsy
  • Javier Bardem
  • Josh Brolin
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • Alan Rickman
  • Michael Biehn
mar 27 2008 ∞
mar 31 2008 +
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  • Fried Chicken
  • Raw tomatoes
  • Red peppers
  • Anything spicy (which I'm kind of sad about. I don't really have the choice of hating it, it just tortures my taste-buds and I don't enjoy it..)
  • McDonald's (makes me feel literally sick)
  • Pickles....just the smell makes me want to vomit
  • Mince Pies
  • Cabbage
  • Olives
  • Meat loaf (everyone in my family is like "O but Mom's is so good", no I don't like it. sorry.)
jan 25 2008 ∞
apr 10 2009 +
list icon
  • Cowboy boots
  • M.A.C. lip gloss in Lustre Rose
  • Doc Martens- black and special edition Red Poppy
  • Black watch (preferably Fossil)
  • Beaded necklaces (Pink, Teal)
  • Black coat
  • Penny loafers- brown
  • Brown belt
  • Fitted flannel shirt
  • New black skirt.(this will be something I will also want and buy more of. I love black skirts!!!!)
  • red wide legs trousers
  • cooking apron with a cute pattern
  • red converse
  • green kitchen aide mixer
feb 24 2008 ∞
apr 10 2009 +
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  • peanut butter m&m's
  • trix (reduced sugar, because they at least look like the old school thing
  • JIF peanut butter
  • honey combs cereal
  • ready bake cookie dough
  • goldfish (the original cheesy kind)
  • cheetos
  • biscuits
  • sausage patties
  • ready made pie crusts
  • hamburger helper
  • kraft or velveta macaroni n' cheese
  • ocean spray cranberry apple juice
  • hersey chocolate syrup
  • little caesar's pizza (pepperoni, cheese w/ extra cheese, light sauce)
  • honey butter popcorn
  • halloween oreos (how cool is that? they're ORANGE in the middle! brilliant!!!)

recent deletions are because I have found...

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