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  • wand: 9¾" Sycamore with Phoenix feather core
  • animal: female White cat
  • house: Hufflepuff.
  • qudditch position: seeker.
  • animagus: black Persian cat
  • patronus: octopus.
  • boggart: darnkness
  • amortentia: clean linens, coconut
  • mirror of erised: success, happiness, romance
  • favorite core subjects: charms, potions, defence against the dark arts, herbology, transfiguration
  • chosen electives: divination, muggle studies, care of magical creatures
  • extra-curricular activities: earth magic, muggle art, muggle music, ghoul studies, magical theory, Hogwarts orchestra
  • favorite charms and spells: accio, alohomora, arresto momentum, avis, bombarda, cistem aperio, colovaria, confundo, depulso, deprimo, diminuendo, dissendium, expecto patronum, expelliarmus, engorgio, erecto, focus, incendio, lumos/nox, multicorfors, orchideous, protego, reparo, scourgify, wingardium leviosa.
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