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from june 2017 to june 2018 — 12 months narrowed down into fragments

  • tita mylene treating me to food and us just being comfortable with each other's silence + that one time we watched a teleserye together in her car
  • watching students excitedly finish a whole day of school to buy snacks with their friends
  • buying grilled ham & cheese and a ฿15 cup of lod chong at 7-eleven before walking back home
  • the young soldiers who elbowed and bumped each other before waving hello to my sister and i
  • calling out to the many dogs i pass by in khao talo and them never acknoledging me
  • buying a pint of dairy queen's choco chip mint ice cream and gradually eating it throughout the week
  • travelling on 3 hours of sleep
  • spf 50 not being able to withstand the sun's rays
  • collecting tesco lotus stickers to claim freebies
  • eating roti saimai again after a long time
  • walking to the wet market in khao talo with my mom
  • shopping at the ฿50 store
  • eating papaya salad whenever i can
  • listening to sounds that filtered through the electric outlet in the living room as if it were a radio
  • there is a season wherein dragonflies will be hovering nearly everywhere you go
  • leaving rice grains out for the birds (who will sometimes make noise at our door when we forget)
  • fetching a songthaew in the middle of the night after spending our entire evening at the beach
  • celebrating loi krathong! to me, it felt like an early birthday gift on its own
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