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'this time lasy year, i was so lonely. sometimes, that's just how it has to be. sometimes, i just want to cover myself in tiny blankets & cry forever. it's november again & i'm ready to cry. each year, something different.' — talin tahajian, it's november again

      • no self-hate
      • no excuses
      • no regrets
      • no quitting

— november

    • 5; sitting at the park with kosher. watching the birds flit about tree branches and filling the morning with birdsong,

    • 4; fried egg and sausage for breakfast and then i finished the other half of my dragonfruit from last night, mama cooked mechado for lunch

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    • 3; receiving the piece "it's november again" by tajin tahajian from dina in the middle of the night,

    • 2; woke up early and got ready for with my dad, ate sinigang for breakfast, judy gave me a chocolate cream bun from the japanese bakery (she forgot about my allergies and i happily ate it before she could remember), sophie brought chewy chocolate chip cookies she baked! and then chaos ensued when she reminded everybody that i'm allergic to cocoa, bought a nutella croissant for merienda and ate it while waiting for my shift to end, came home and found my brother visiting. i told him about how work's been going and how much i've been enjoying the nintendo switch he and his girlfriend gifted to me

    • 1; sleeping in 30 more minutes. only one more day until it's finally my day off, breakfast is sausage mcmuffin that judy gave me, coming home to find that my parents bought dragon fruits!! which must have cost a fortune considering they're a bit off season this time of the year, saw a rainbow while i was out walking with my dog kosher this afternoon
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