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  • I will support you and love you unconditionally (if I feel that you will love me).
  • I desire a deep personal connection. I want to know literally everything about you and I want you to know everything about me.
  • I hate surprises. All surprises. I like to be asked first if you want to propose something or if you have some idea for me.
  • Always cuddle with me when I wake up.
  • Always kiss me goodnight and tell me that you love me.
  • I want to spend with you as much time, as it's possible. Even when I want to read a book I want to do this with you next to me.
  • I hate secrets and lies.
  • Sex is very important. It's not only sex for sex, but for feeling close, for bonding, for being connected on all levels.
  • You can very easy buy me or cheer me up with something to eat ;)
  • I'll protect you. I'll help you fight your battles or even fight them for you.
  • Loyalty must be the basis of our relationship
may 19 2018 ∞
nov 18 2019 +
user picture Zuzanna: o czyli jednak nie jesteś homoromantic :o apr 25 2019
user picture littlewhitehouse: Jestem homoromantic, ale heterosexual. may 2 2019
user picture Zuzanna: a nie biromantic :o skoro tak? may 4 2019
user picture littlewhitehouse: No heteroseksualność u mnie zakłada heteroromantyzm, bo jestem dodatkowo sapioseksualna, zatem biromantic, ale heterosexsual. Metkowanie siebie może być skomplikowane ;) may 6 2019
user picture Zuzanna: owszem jest XD may 14 2019