• street lights reflecting on wet asphalt at night

your language is deep, late night conversations and meaningful songs. you have a chameleon-like ability to shift from "life of the party" to "alone in the quietest corner" in the house party of life. you thrive when you are around like-minded individuals and you can be very charming and outgoing when you feel most comfortable. but sometimes you feel like this is just a persona you've created to make yourself appear more put-together. you can be moody and self-isolating, and it is easy for you to get stuck inside your own head. in reality, others are drawn to your vibrant, magnetic energy. your unique sense of style and a wide variety of interests makes you an easy person to vibe with if you can just get out of your head.

    • dr. doofenshmirtz from phineas and ferb

You fight hard to overcome your tragic backstory! you are closed off but really value your close friends! You're the dad friend of your group and probably make a ton of bad puns. You believe in the inherent homoeroticism of bitter rivals and you are also probably a closet furry!

    • late night chats on someone’s dorm room floor

Picture this. It’s some ambiguous hour of the night and you and your closest friends are all crowded together in a tiny dorm. Your friends are sitting on the floor, lying on the bed, and perched on a desk. There are snacks that were scrounged up from someone’s stash and someone’s Spotify playlist in the background. You’re laughing and talking about life, classmates, your childhood traumas and greatest fears. Maybe there’s a movie or TV show playing on someone’s laptop. Maybe you’re all throwing down over cards or a board game. You have class tomorrow but it’s okay, because in this moment you’re happy. As a person, you’re probably younger and a capital-R Romantic. You feel strongly about things, even if you might not know that much about them. Your emotions overcome you, you write questionable poetry, you get angry and by the next day you’re over it. This tendency towards strong emotions also means you get called dramatic or excessive, but you’ve probably decided already that you’d rather feel too much than too little. You’re determined to get something out of life before it’s too late and you end up dead. You might not be the best at taking care of your physical or mental health. Maybe the best thing for you is to take a moment and slow down.

    • pure romanticism

starry eyes, interlaced fingers, cooking for a loved one: you're pure romanticism. pure romanticism is an easy love and a mindless joy, it's knowing you'll always have someone around to laugh at your jokes and live in complete awe of you. pure romanticism entails gentle feelings of belonging, floating a foot in the air wherever you go, as long as you know that you have someone to love, and to love you just as much as you love them. you're an honest individual, and it shows that that's what you value most in a relationship. you often float through life and become frustrated with yourself for silly mistakes, but you need to take things slower and walk once in a while. life is not only the pursuit of love, but everything that you learn about yourself on the way. be kinder to yourself, be your own lover when things get tough. "we can die a thousand times in one lifetime" - david jones

    • security

the future seems uncertain and in a world full of half-truths and blurry information it feels like nothing is secure anymore. it's hard to find your balance when the ground seems to be slipping away from under your feet. but remember, just as how sailors used to navigate with the help of the stars, there are things that are firm and bright even if they seem far away, even when you can't always see them. find that sure pinprick of light in your life and remind yourself that it is there, always, and when night falls and clouds disappear you will see it again clearly!

    • coffee shop

you love a bit of alone time, which you use to write or read or just take in the world around you. you probably love rainy days and cozy little corners where you can lose yourself to whatever book you're reading. wearing neutral colors, warm brown plaid, turtlenecks and soft, oversized cardigans will suit you best, but don't forget to roll up the sleeves of your sweater so you don't spill your coffee on them.

      • canary

Key words: friendship, happiness, light. A canary's love is freeing, and brings the recipient true and pure happiness. Everyone you love is your best friend in one way or another, whether it's your fiancess, your little sister, your mother, or your favourite English teacher. You're most likely to buy small gifts for the people you love, such as their favourite snack or little trinkets, to show that you were thinking about them. Yours is the love of holding hands, singing in the shower, Spring time and wide smiles. Best matched with: Fern, Lavender, Cerulean

    • poseidon

you’re smart but you’re also dumb. you are goofy and kind-hearted, but some think you’re more trouble than you’re worth, and that’ll get you in some sticky situations. your moods change like the sea (ha), and your pride can get the best of you if you’re not careful. there is a quiet sadness in you, worried one day all that trouble will catch up to you. but you are strong and loyal and are an amazing friend. you may not know what to do with all that power, but you’ll still be gentle and helpful to anyone who needs a hand.

      • taehyung

You're most similar to Tae! You're a bit of a social butterfly without even trying; you probably have a large circle of friends to whom you're incredibly loyal and affectionate. You're very protective of the people you love. You might sometimes come off as serious or gloomy, but it's just that you're not the type to force a smile for the camera. If you're with the right people, your mischievous, goofy side might make an appearance. It's not that you love winning, but you do hate losing :) You can be quite flirty and quietly charismatic when you want to be. You love deeply and sweetly.

    • kermit (jim henson original sketch edition

FIRST OF ALL this result is my favorite so i'm very happy you got this :D you have the same energy as present-day kermit but Unrefined : awkward but well-meaning. vv polite & kind, also a bit of a chaotic mess but in the best way possible

      • understood

You're a good friend. A shoulder to lean on but you're no pushover; you have a way of making people feel comfortable and safe. You know what it's like to be in pain, and therefore painlessness is what you wish for everyone else. You're not a martyr though, you won't harm yourself trying to play therapist for a friend- you're just a good listener and someone who makes others feel like they've known you for the longest time, that you know exactly what to say and how to say it. You're like a warm coffee shop, an attentive teacher, someone who may not have it all figured out yourself but you're willing to sit and chat for a while, and make someone feel known and loved. You're the best kind of friend someone could have!

    • jimin

you got jimin! you're a giver. you care so much about others that you sometimes forget to care about yourself. being loved by you feels the the softest of blankets. i think you're reliable, very strong, a bit naive and childish but in the best of ways. your aura is yellow-y orange, which makes you a warm, open minded person. you don't judge because you don't wanna be judged, and your hugs could cure even the worst of illnesses. you remind me of sunsets, of strawberry sorbet, of dusty polaroids. thank you for being you.

    • taegi

you're very affectionate and very open with giving love you love cuddling, holding hands and just showering your loved ones with compliments sometimes you feel shy when someone give you the same love back but you start accepting it slowly you're a fan of dancing with someone under the stars you also miss your loved ones constantly wanting to be with them at all times your plan is to take your loved one away from the world and live a cottagecore dream life you're also a lover of frogs

    • love

you create from love. It is an overflowing love that seeps out of your heart and into all you create. You couldn't possibly contain it inside yourself, and so you dedicate yourself to depicting it through everything you make. Your art is a celebration of what you cherish most, a loving tribute to everything that captivates you. There are things too wonderful to be appreciated in silence, and so you sing of your love time and time again. You are determined not to let your vast love go unnoticed or forgotten. That's why your work is a declaration of affection, an expression of fondness for everything that makes your life worth living.

    • with thunder, thorns and tales

you love with passion. bright burning barely controlled love exploding everywhere. your love is so raw and it has so many branches, it touches almost everyone near you. but the people who you truly care for really know how exhilarating it is to be loved by you. tucking hair behind their ear as you continue a heated debate. fingers intertwined as you run around the parking lot, laughing and tripping. you love with So Much. you love with So Much that there is no time to speak of it, only to do, only to act. you love with certainty.

    • joshua

like jeonghan, you're an evil little shit, but you're much more subtle about it. you enjoy messing with people, so long as your hands are clean by the end of it. you probably think it's funny to convince someone they're supposed to be driving with two feet and get all your friends in on it. you're very clever, but also very genuine, and you're a comforting person to be around. you have a quieter energy about you, and because of that, you attract all sorts of people who know you're someone to be trusted and look up to. remember to stick up for yourself and what you want, because you can accidentally be too passive sometimes, and opportunities may escape you.

  • coral pink

your love is the colour of spring blooms and of lipstick prints, of fingertips and roses. you are so full of love, full up to the very top. you love everyone and everything that deserves to be loved. keep loving.

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