• Draft Ch.1: Single-sex vs. Coed debate
  • Draft Ch.2: History of Women's Colleges going coed
  • Draft Ch.3: Brief history of Goucher College 1885-1985
  • Draft Ch.4: THE DECISION
  • Draft Ch.5: Effects of coed on social life at Goucher
  • Draft Ch.6: Effects of coed on academic and institutional life at Goucher
  • Draft Intro and Conclusion
  • Edit that fucker
  • Get release forms from everyone
    • Rick Pringle, I still need yours, dammit!
  • Deposit interviews in Goucher College Archives
  • Student Symposium
  • Thesis Defense

That doen't sound too bad, right?

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user picture Laura: yeah! edit that fucker!!! I like the 'oral history' part. that sounds like fun. mar 9 2010