• you're not a good listener
  • you're not a good storyteller
  • you're wearing plaid shorts/crocs/a bow in your hair
    • if all of the above, good luck
  • you don't like animals
    • really bad if it's dogs
  • you have crappy taste in music
  • you eat really crappy foods
  • you're not a Harry Potter person
  • you drive a P.T. Cruiser
  • you refer to your "father" in an overly referential way as in "Father's always been a great patron of the Museum."
  • you tried to give me a stupid nickname when we barely knew each other
  • you use emoticons :{
  • you have a weak immune system, and not because of an immunodeficiency disorder.
jun 28 2010 ∞
apr 28 2013 +
user picture Shana: Haha, all of ours are the same, except for maybe the bow in the hair. That I think of as charming and ironic. And for music, I mainly judge people if they take music Too Seriously. jun 30 2010
user picture Debra: more like P.T. LOSER! jul 1 2010
user picture Yonina: but I love plaid shorts! jul 5 2010
user picture maura: Sorry Yonina, I can't help it. I will say that your plaid shorts make plaid shorts almost palatble to me. jul 6 2010
user picture Sam: I really like that the title of this list is "Watch Out!" It really emphasizes how ruthless you are. jan 7 2011
user picture maura: It's true. I could make a whole separate "Watch Out" list just for yoga teachers. I am at my most judgmental in a yoga class. jan 26 2011