• first snow of the year
  • rare books and rare book stores
  • bubbles
  • Holocaust survival stories
  • any survival stories
  • Midnight Mass
  • waking up early...sometimes
  • technology that works
  • playing soccer at night under the turf field lights
  • sunset on the Miles River
  • seeing Delicate Steve in concert
  • driving over the Bay Bridge at night
  • unfurling a clean white table cloth over a table
  • skyping Sun and Ep's son in Laos late at night in the dish pit of the restaurant
dec 14 2009 ∞
apr 22 2012 +
user picture Sam: the last one sounds like a Wilco lyric may 4 2010
user picture Sam: I think I was referring to "turf filed lights" sounding like the wilco lyric. the current final entry, "unfurling a clean white tablecloth" sounds like a line by virginia woolf. when did you last drive the bay bridge at night? it is fantastic, especially in the sf direction--treasure island lit up is just, well, a treasure. apr 24 2011
user picture maura: No, my friend. I was referring to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, that 4.3 mile gateway to the Eastern Shore of Maryland which is like driving across the velvet galaxy at night. This is a bridge to end all bridges. apr 25 2011