what is a home if not the first place you learn to run from?

i will be the knife this time

i'm not easy to love

being seen


living through memories

your desire & your fear of desire annihilate each other


desire chokes me like i wish your hand did

i think i've lost myself somewhere along the way


i'm not a good person, ask anyone who loves me

to love is to destroy

i couldn't be the kind of person who stays

forgetfulness, an absence, a mere nothing


laughing with a mouth of blood from a little spill i took

i distance myself from myself

a woman is a wound


i've been the shadow of your shadow


clarice lispector on the unknowable heaviness of existing

looking for myself

i feel numbered, and constricted all over. i barely fit inside myself

family as a curse

flame snyder

i wish i'd been brave

musings on hands

who am i?


love is a stranger

what about me?

cause of death

tragic hero

i'm the wound and i'm the knife

i exist, i exist, i exist

i like my alone time

time coiling

this was always going to happen

to love is to be ruined


there is love

the first time i kissed him properly he flinched

a woman is a haunted house

refusing to be vulnerable

a wound that never heals

i'm going to be good

i bet on losing dogs

let me see you and stay

growing up

can you see me?

mom, will you wash my back?


what i'ts like to have a body

all the lonely people, where do they all belong?

timeless love

the miracle of being here

to be in love with life

sep 5 2022 ∞
jan 2 2023 +