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my inspiration: Emily & tiffany

  • i have glasses.
  • i want to learn to knit.
  • i adore floral prints.
  • vintage is a fashion style.
  • i love tea.
  • i can read literally all day.
  • i love sweaters.
  • i am always, always cold.
  • i love cats.
  • i am frugal.
  • i have a horrible memory.
  • i never exercise.
  • card games are my life.
  • i'm considered religious.
  • i'm particularly snarky towards the tv.
    • especially if something ridiculous like 'say yes to the dress' is on.
  • i talk to inanimate objects a lot.
    • & myself.
  • i adore baking.
  • my perfume of choice is any floral-scented chinese medicinal oil.
    • it's actually referred to as granny perfume in hk.
  • i carry around herbal ointment for bug bites.
  • i dislike useless profanity.
  • i love naps so much.
  • i like that my keds are comfortable.
  • i like badminton far more than tennis.
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user picture Rhiannon: Loved! jan 10 2010
user picture encre: oh, thank you so much :)
user picture Zuzanna: uh oh I am old lady at heart too I guess nov 18 2017