thank you alluringsky for the idea.

  • "i'm going home, babe." | james allen red dog, 1993 (murder)
  • "don't ask me who i am! i don't understand nothing anymore." | hans christian andersen
  • "pardon me, sir. i did not do it on purpose." | marie antoinette, she accidentally stepped on the foot of her executioner.
  • "oh, you young people act like old men. you have no fun." | josephine baker, she was reportedly attempting to seduce a man several decades younger than she was.
  • "i can't sleep." | j. m. barrie
  • "now comes the mystery." | henry ward beecher
  • "dear god. why is this happening? i just want to go home." | cassie bernall
  • "give me coffe, i'm going to write!" | olavo bilac
  • "i think i'll sleep now." | george washington carver
  • "thank god. i'm tired of being the funniest person in the room." | del close
  • "lady, you shot me!" | sam cooke
  • "one last drink, please." | jack daniel
  • "it's very beautiful over there." | thomas edison
  • "a party! let’s have a party." | margaret sanger
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user picture marcella: miga já leu quem é você alaska? essa lista me lembrou o personagem principal <3 jan 15 2018
user picture caroline: li sim anja, eu peguei uma inspiração dele também fjkhfk comecei a gostar disso depois que eu li! jan 29 2018