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"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
An eternity in an hour.."

25. female. a dreamer.
very much of these lists serve a personal purpose, but you're welcome to try and make sense of and identify with their content. =)

lisa FILMS (hollis movie club)
relationships (musings on an ex)

time management

  • have separate week-, month- and year-scope planners to keep track of the big picture amongst the hectic of your every day experiences and tasks.
  • make a (manageable) to-do list every day. rank items based upon priority.
  • schedule distractions: try and work 45 minutes for every 15 minute break. breaks should mean physically removing yourself from your work/study environment.
  • schedule at least one, three-hour block of studying at the library every week. try to let this be a reading block and avoid technology if possible.
  • plan your meals at least a few days in advance to accommodate a busy schedule. make lunches the night before to leave more time each morning to manage your to-do list and morning routine.
  • facebook should be avoided during working hours (9am-5pm), even if you're not working.
  • give yourself time off at least once a week. take an afternoon, or a whole day if you can manage, and do something else. enjoy your life.

keeping calm

  • spend 10 minutes each day decluttering. keep your desk or study area tidy and clean up after yourself in the rest of your space. it's easier to focus in a neat environment.
  • take one hour out of each day to relax. spend time doing only activities that have no urgency.
  • classical music is your friend. also: spotify playlists.
  • stay organized. keep your research materials together and carry a flash drive with all of your work -- always.

sad, but true

  • replace the stack of books at your bed table with thesis-related research. hide all of those books you're longing to read. take one out every now and again, but keep your reading focused.
  • you are now the highlighter/post-it note queen. gather your'll be needing all the (wo)man power you can muster.
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