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"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
An eternity in an hour.."

25. female. a dreamer.
very much of these lists serve a personal purpose, but you're welcome to try and make sense of and identify with their content. =)

lisa FILMS (hollis movie club)
relationships (musings on an ex)
  • clean and refreshing well water straight from the tap
  • brightly coloured sunsets over the tops of the trees as seen from the front porch
  • listening to the grasses sway in the field when we have a fire
  • loon songs on the lake
  • long drives around the lakes with the windows down, especially at dusk
  • catching and watching fireflies in the field
  • catching bird, frog and cricket songs through the open windows (and especially the absence of people sounds)
  • heaping, delicious dinners made by mama
  • watching the stars and listening to ryan adams and lucero
  • small, inconsequential reminders of dad that wave unexpected hellos just when you need them
  • snuggles from buddy
  • the slow pace of living
  • mowing the lawn in the golden sun
  • black butterflies fluttering around your eyes, touching your hands
  • long nights that turn to early mornings
  • getting stuck in j's driveway and happily spending the night while the blizzard rages on
  • cigarettes on porches and docks
  • lazily fishing lakes from our trusty paddle boat
  • fishing in the dark
  • long rides for ice cream from michigan
  • the winding roads of florence county
  • friendly does in the back yard
  • spending time with my favorites: big brother, mama, & j
  • driving up and down the big hill to the lakes
  • campfire smells drifting in through your open windows on late drives
  • hugs
  • visiting the cemetery and the wisdom that comes
  • the palpable memories from summers 2008 and 2009
  • afternoons at the quiet ball diamond
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