• Gently remove any surface soil, weeds, dead roots etc that are obstructing a clear view of the tree.
  • Remove any unsightly bark, unwanted deadwood, old or torn leaves, etc throughout the tree. Remember to work on all sides of the tree and view from the top also.
  • In general, leaves or shoots coming from the bottom or top of a branch, or odd spots like the join of a branch should be removed. Also remove any that are too large. Check all branches.
  • Observe the whole tree from all angles and decide whether the front needs to be changed. If so, mark the new front with an arrow, etc.
  • Prune off any unwanted branches and shoots and then wire the tree following the basic design principles and your own tastes:
    • tapering trunk with movement;
    • clear view of trunk and/or other features;
    • alternating branches that don't cross each other;
    • branches should angle gently down to give the impression of weight;
    • fine twigs are separated for a clear view;
    • if a pine, the needles should point upwards;
    • triangular shapes;
    • uneven numbers;
    • interesting features that tell a story.
  • Finally, water the tree well and place in a sheltered spot for a few days to recover. Do not fertilise the tree if you have cut any roots.
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