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I am an ENFP, procrastinator, and inventor of holidays. I wish I needed my own business cards. My daughter says that I'm a good fixer of things.

The human animal differs from the lesser primates in his passion for lists. ~H. Allen Smith

The list is the origin of culture... ~Umberto Eco

EstroJen follows:
Oh! to do (Morning to-do lists: February 2019.)
activities (Walking, year eight!)
Mia music (favoritos)
niv tarefas (fevereiro)
honeybee names (fem.)
  • Sea urchin/ Uni - Barf!
  • Moths - Fluttery!
  • Aquarium snails - Ewwww!
  • June bugs - Demonic!
  • Little pink bird that pecked out and swallowed my only diamond out of my earring - FU!
  • Rats - Obvious! 
jun 9 2010 ∞
mar 24 2013 +
user picture Maya: Was the the little pink bird incident whilst you were wearing them? (I love these lists! 'June bugs- Demonic!' 'Psychedelic mushrooms- crazy!') feb 17 2012
user picture EstroJen: That asshole bird nibbled that diamond right off of my earlobe. The bird owner (who put that little jewel thief on me against my will) says "Oh look. It likes you. Look at it nuzzle you." Then it crapped on my leg. Thanks for the kind words! feb 18 2012