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Im sure to be called a pencil snob, but dammit, a fine pencil is a hard thing to create. Below are my favorites. With some links to the pencil on the great jetpens.com .

  • Staedtler Mars Lumograph   ★  Staedtler  ★  A classic kicks off this list, the Staedtler Mars Lumograph. HB-4B will do ya good. Love the classic blue.
  • Palamino Blackwing   ★  Palamino  ★  Not sure if there is a bigger symbol of hipsterism than this little pencil, but dammit if it doesn't exceed each expectation.
  • Tombow Mono 100   ★  Tombow  ★  Tombow sneaks in and nearly takes the crown with an almost perfect pencil, the Tombow Mono 100. 2B was the sweet spot for me.
  • Mitsibushi UNI Hi   ★  Mitsubushi  ★  Another classic wooden pencil from Mitsubishi. 2B is the sweet spot here...
  • Mitsubishi 9800   ★ Mitsubishi ★  Another soli...
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Some of my favorite moments from Stephen The King's magnum opus, the Dark Tower saga:

  • ❝...Kill if you will, but command me nothing!" the gunslinger roared. "You have forgotten the faces of those who made you! Now either kill us or be silent and listen to me, Roland of Gilead, son of Steven, gunslinger, and lord of the ancient lands! I have not come across all the miles and all the years to listen to you and your childish prating! Do you understand? Now you will listen to ME!❞


  • ❝... those were the days before she was mazed and fell into the sad bitchery that brought her under a gun in another hand... Roland Deschain , Wind Through The Keyhole.❞


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Lets not kid ourselves, if you are any sort of fan of pinball, you have already purchased this game on every avaialable platform. For those that aren't huge pinball fans yet still like to play on occasion, you need to check out farsight studio's Pinball Arcade. It's simply the best pinball recreation of all time. White Water, from Williams, was just released bringing the total number of tables available to 28. Below are my 10 favorite (Note: these are my favorite VIRTUAL tables. Not my 10 favorite physical tables.)

  • 10 ✦ Ripley's Believe It Or Not ✦ Stern ✦ Can you find a deeper ruleset? AC/DC maybe....
  • 09 ✦ Monster Bash ✦ Williams ✦ "I will mesmerize you with my semi circular movements."
  • 08 ✦ Firepower ✦ Williams ✦ Find a better definition of Flow. I knew you couldn't
  • 07 ✦ Black Knight ✦ Williams ✦ The-black-knight-need-speech-therapy
  • 06 ✦ Star Trek: TNG ✦ Williams ✦ Quite possibly the most brutal outlanes i...
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Currently Reading (Listening To An Audiobook is Reading)

  • Joyland Stephen King.
  • Buried Secrets (Nick Heller, #2) Joseph Finder
  • The Litigators John Grisham
  • The Dark Tower (Dark Tower # 7) Stephen King
  • Wolves of the Calla (The Dark Tower, #5) Stephen King
  • Wizard and Glass (The Dark Tower, #4) Stephen King
  • The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower, #3) Stephen King
  • The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower, #3) Stephen King
  • The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower, #2) Stephen King
  • The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, #1) Stephen King
  • Live Wire (Myron Bolitar, #10) Harlan Coben
  • So Much for That Lionel Shriver
  • Super Sad True Love Story Gary Shteyngart
  • Kapitoil Teddy Wayne
  • The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake Aimee Bender
  • Room Emma Donaghue
  • Skippy Dies Paul Murray
  • A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson
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In the early days of PC's much attention was given to the keyboard. Since its the main interface to the pc, it only makes sense that you have a well designed long lasting keyboard. Today's Rubber Dome keyboard almost seem disposable. There is a small, but active group of aficionados out there and the mechanical keyboard is inching its way to prominence. I guarantee 99% of the people that try a mechanical keyboard, would never go back to a rubber dome keyboard. Try it!

  • The Mighty IBM Model M   ✦  The apex of keyboard design, it's unique buckling spring keyswitch makes the classic "CLICK CLACK when pushed. Unicomp still makes the exact model except these have a windows key. These keybords were made in the late 80's to early 90's and a LOT of them are still being used today. Now that is durability, I don't think you'll see a Dell rubber dome keyboard ...
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  • Pinball ArcadeI've played this more than any other app by far
  • Alien BlueStrange how the small form factor iPhone is home to the best reddit experience on ANY device
  • This American LifeSee: My Favorite Podcasts
  • Angry BirdsYes, I would follow the lemmings off a cliff too
  • FrotzYes Virginia, there is a z machine interpreter on iOS. Bonus: It's done VERY well
  • iMameWas one of the lucky ones to grab it when someone at Apple "accidentally" approved it for download
  • LED FootballAnd basketball, and soccer and pro football, all from touchGrove
  • SwackettA weather app with the Apple flair
  • Right Of WayA GREAT rendetion of the French card game Milles Bourne. Another great App that is no longer available from the app store.
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Growing up, one of my favorite pastimes of all was the boardgame. Almost any boardgame. Sadly as I got older these were the choices. Pictionary, Cranium, Trivial Pursuit and Jenga. All fun games mind you, which I enjoy playing still. But the creativity seemed to stagnate. Where were the great games like Pay Day, The Mad Magazine Game, Which Witch etc? Flash forward to 2012 and boardgaming as a hobby is roaring back to the front of the pack. Geek-ceptance, along with unique european offerings that have turned the US boardgame manufacturers on their ears. I know this has been build for a year or more, but Im just now climbing aboard. If you used to play boardgames, miss it, and wonder why there are no boardgames anymore, check out Wil Wheaton's youtube show Tabletop. It's a great place to see whats hip in the new era of boardgaming. And with that bloated preamble, below is a living lis...

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  • Ravens Wing   ★  Fall 2010  ★  Simple, subtle and ominous. This notebook is so pretty you wont want to write in it.
  • Grass Stain Green   ★  Summer 2009  ★  One of the few I do not have. Donations are accepted.
  • Northerly   ★  Summer 2009  ★  One of the few I do not have. Donations are accepted.

●●● Please note, this yet another Famous In-Progress Bacolist™. If your reading this, take a second to drop a comment, it's nice to know someone is actually reading these!! ●●●

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Pinball Machines Played (at the 15th Annual Texas Pinball Festival)

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Recently I found my old concert stubs. I know this isn't all of them but heres brief snapshot of the 80's:

  • __AC/DC__  ♪♫♪ _ Oct 27, 1983 $13.50 Reunion Arena _  ♪♫♪   My first show. Not a bad way to start your concert career, with the best rock in roll band of all time. Fastway opened.
  • __Ratt__  ♪♫♪ _ Feb 16, 1984 $13.50 The Bronco Bowl _  ♪♫♪   A show at the late great Bronco Bowl. Ratt and Twisted Sister. The single, Round And Round was just about to hit. They played for 5,000 people this nite, yet in the same year they were selling out 17,000 seat arenas.

  ●●● Please note, this list is a work in progress, if your reading this, take a second to drop a comment, it's nice to know someone is actually reading these!! ●●●  

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  • FloydInfocom's Planetfall Saga ♠ If you are familiar with Floyd, you and I will be very good friends.
  • Robbie The RobotForbidden Planet
  • R2/D2Star Wars
  • Huey Dewey and LueySilent Running
  • RobotFrom Lost In Space. ♠ Love when he laughed. Weak spot? That damn power pack
  • GortThe Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)
  • AshAlien ♠ Good GOD man, how horiffic was that scene where he literally gets his head knocked off!?
  • T-800Terminator franchise ♠ Catchall phrases be damned, Ahnuld's turn as the Terminator is legendary.
  • ED-209Robocop ♠ The no order takin', demo' ruining, deaf robot prototype.
  • Iron GiantThe Iron Giant ♠ GREAT movie!
  • Marvin The Paranoid AndroidHitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Trilogy

●●● Please note, this yet another Famous In-Progress Bacolist™. If your reading this, take a second to drop a comment, it's nice to know someone is actually reading t...

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They are banal , suggestive, and just plain immature. Yet they still are the greatest ROCK lyrics of all time!!

  • ❝...Rockin' is ma business, and business is good. Well if it's so good why am I still fu@#$ing broke?❞   ★  The Four Hoursemen - Rockin' Is Ma Business. -
  • ❝...I didnt know if she was legal tender, but I'd spend it just the same❞   ★  AC/DC - Squealer  ★  You knew it had to start off with one from the thunder. What a great line.
  • ❝... I asked her her name, she said her name was Maybe❞  ★  Damn Yankee's - Coming of Age  ★  and her sister NotIfYouWereTheLastManOnEarth.
  • ❝...so stop your grinnin' and drop your linen.❞   ★  AC/DC - Shake A Leg  ★  The Thunder From Down Under with another great line from probably the greatest hard rock album of all time, Back In Black. 
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You love them, you pretend you don't, and even though you know it's a passing fad, your secretly disappointed when it's gone.

  • The Amazing Live Sea-Monkies ★ Crushing disappointment when I learned that they were just brine shrimp.
  • Pogs ★ How the heck did this become a hobby? I remember they were sold everywhere. Michaels MJD Design even had them.

●●● _Please note, this is yet another Famous In-Progress Bacolist™. If your reading this, take a second to drop a comment, it's nice to know someone is actually reading these!! ●●●

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Here's a list of websites that are on my daily hit list. Most are obvious, some, not so much.

  • GmailWebmail will never work. Haven't been more wrong about much
  • LifehackerSeems it's cool to slag LH lately, dunno whats so uncool about it.
  • PhotobombPictures with someone in the background whose intent is to ruin the pic. Hilarity ensues.
  • Letters Of Notean attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.
  • BoingBoingA directory of wonderful things.
  • LetterheadyAn online homage to the letterhead
  • Waxy's LinksI don't know how Andy Baio comes up with the most consistenly unique and awesome links, but I'm glad he does.
  • Comic Book CartographyA collection of Maps and Charts from the pages of Comic Books. Be sure and check out the cut a way views of The Baxter Buil...
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A List of Lists. Below are ideas for lists that i need to start. Hopefully over time a lot will have lines through them indicating actual follow through.

  • A List of Wonderful ThingsJust a list of good things
  • Camping Memories
  • Technology That Came of Age During My Lifetime
  • Favorite Comic Book Characters
  • Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes
  • Concerts That I Went To (subtitled, a hit parade of 80's Hair Bands)
  • Top 10 Benefits Of Technology every arcade game on my hard drive, most playable etc
  • I have to work in Sea Monkeys Somehow
  • Greatest Rock N Roll Lyrics of all time

- - whitespace

●●● Please note, this list is a work in progress, if your reading this, take a second to drop a comment, it's nice to know someone is actually reading these!! ●●●...

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Enjoy the 2020 update of my 2018 Favorite Podcast List (will comment on the 2018 ones when necesarry)

  • The No Sleep Podcast ★ Easily my current #1 A small one man operation in the beginning has turned into a horror powerhouse. And the premier episode of their FOURTEENTH season, reminded us that the show remembers its roots and where it all started. Should be illegal to not have this in your podcatcher.
  • Retrogaming Roundup ★ Still 5 hours of quirky retro greatness Longtime listeners were rewarded over the last couple of years by having a front row seat at the complete destruction of former co-host Mike Kennedy's attempt to completely swindle the community he so often said he loved. One thing is for sure the RVG and Coleco Chameleon did one thing good, Exposing this retrofruad for what he was.
  • Creepy ★ Great one from John Grillz
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  • Dangerous Toys covering Bad Company'sFeel Like Makin' love.
  • AC/DC covering Chuck Berry'sSchooldays.
  • Queensryche covering Black Sabbath'sNeon Knights.
  • Tesla covering The Rolling Stone'sHonkey Tonk Woman.
  • Stryper covering Led Zeppins'Immigrant Song.
  • Disturbed covering Genesis'Land Of Confusion.
  • Collective Soul covering Ozzys'Crazy Train.
  • Van Halen covering Roy Orbisons'Pretty Woman.
  • Great White covering AC/DCs'Sin City.
  • Ugly Kid Joe covering Cat Stephens'Cats In the Cradle.
  • Ozzy w. Dwezil Zappa covering The Bee Gees'Stayin' Alive.
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We would all change the way we did some things if we knew what we know now back then. Ah well live and learn. This list is things that would be in a letter to my 13 year old self:

  • There are desktop PCs every home.
  • You will carry a device in your pocket that has more computing power than almost every other computer available to you. It will
    • Type in directions on the map and it will navigate you there turn by turn.
    • With the right app, you can play almost every arcade game, bit for bit. Much More about this below
    • Hold it on a wall in a room and it will give you the exact dimensions of said room. In about 5 seconds.
    • Oh yeah, it's also a wireless phone. Yes you now are able to video talk.
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  • Backgammon
  • Peter Parker
  • Johnson Smith Catalog
  • The Fun Shop
  • Lego
  • Interactive Fiction
  • 2449 Larchmont
  • Pinball
  • Emulation
  • Audio Books
  • No Sleep Podcast
  • Boardgames
  • Minecraft
  • MAD Magazine
  • Electronic Games Magazine
  • Games Magazine
  • BBS
  • Atari St
  • Puzzles
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My Adventure In The Great United States States I've been to

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
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Podcasts are so convenient especially if you like Stitcher. It's an embarrasment of wealth when you look at all of the quality podcasts out there for the low low price of free. Here's my current favorites:

  • 01 ✦ This American Life ✦ NPR ✦ Still possibly the best program on ANY media. There is This American Life, and below that are a"other" podcasts. No signs of slowing either...
  • 06 ✦ Wiretap ✦ CBC ✦ TAL Alumnist Johnathan Goldstein has probably the most under-rated podcast ever. Consistently funny and engaging. Give this one a chance, you won't be sorry!
  • 06 ✦ Retrogaming Roundup ✦ RGR ✦ A Gigantic wad of retrogaming content plopped down monthly for your consumption. 5+ hours of retro-goodness. Scott Schrieber is a fount of knowledge, some would say he's too technical or detailed, i disagree, he's a great abassador for the community. Anyone that can get me past my fear ...
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I've always wanted to write an essay about technology and its effect on everyday life. Instead, I'll list it. These are things that I would tell my 1985 self, if I had, ya know, a time machine.

  • If it's written or printed, it's prolly available on the web.
  • If it was filmed, I'm betting you can find it on YouTube right now.
  • I have in my possession every: Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari 8 Bit, Intelivision, Colecovision, NES, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast games ever made. I can even play most of them on a flash cart on the original console.
  • The actual code of almost every arcade game ever made is on my hard drive. ACTUAL CODE, not a reasonable facsimile of. EXACT. In other word i can play, bit for bit any arcade game of my youth with very few...
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If you have never heard of, or are not familiar with Field Notes, They make handy little notebooks. With style. Once a quarter they have a special edition that is different from their regular Kraft brown books. Last fall, they released The Ravens Wing version. All black, spooky Halloween vibe. My fav so far. Anyway on the back page, they have suggestions of use for your new notebook, most are really funny and the special editions are always different. Here's some suggestions on how to use The Ravens Wing notebook, straight from its creators:

  • fiendish notions
  • sinister proposals
  • witching hours
  • skeptical inquiries
  • clandestine creations
  • murky depths explained
  • Norweigan metal band lyrics
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Mechanical Keyboards (keyboards with a mechanical switch for each key instead of the flimsy rubber dome found in 99.999% of today's keyboards) are becoming more popular by the minute. Once you have used one, you will never go back. There is a passionate community for these keyboards, and some have even gotten together and designed custom keycaps to personalize certain keys on their board. Below are some of my favorites:

  • Tsangans Red Alert   ✦  If I wasn't broke, these would be mine, oh yes they would.
  • Nyan Cat Number Row   ✦  This is a picture of them on my keyboard. Purchased on a geekhack group buy.
  • Beeker   ✦  Beeker has a posse.
  • The Riddlers Question Mark   ✦  This is one of those subtle ones that looks REALLY good on a black key keyboard when its the only custom key on the board.
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  • Bonkers   ★  [Attention listmaker, this space is held with bated breath in anticipation of your expertise. Please wow us. If you are not the author of this list, WTF are you doing here this guy SUX! ★      
  • Probe   ★   Parker Brothers ★  Another one that I had never heard of. This one is the 1963 version. The unusual thing about this find, is the fact that it is supposed to come with 432 mini cards. What are the odds of all of them being there with you buy it for $1.41 at a thift store? Yet there they were, all there. ★  Paid: $1.41
  • replace this text with your list
  • begin each item with an asterisk
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  • Rudy   ★  Funhouse - 1990  ★  This is on my list not because it's one of my fav's, but becasue of the sheer creep factor. I guess thats because I grew up with The Twilight Zone and Stephen King. Freaking dummies <shivers>.
  • The Magic Trunk   ★  Theatre Of Magic - 1995  ★  This IS my favorite machine of all time. If you are good at this machine you hate to love the trunk. To complete (or start, who are we kiddin') all 8 illusions, you have to hit that bastiche 33 or more times!
  • Payne's Castle   ★  Medieval Madness - 1996  ★  Sure it looks cheezy when you blow up the castle in Medieval Madness, yet I think it's a bit of genius slapstick if you asked me. I still laugh.
  • Magna Flip   ★  Twilight Zone - 1993  ★  Most people would go with the powerball here, or the gumball machine. I like to...
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Unfortunately, a lot of people reading this, might have never played a pinball machine. Having grown up during the Golden Age Of The Arcade™, I just assumed pinball would be around forever. Despite a resurgence as of late with physical machines such as Steve Ritchies' GREAT AC/DC, and also on the virtual pinball front with the long established Visual Pinmame and Future Pinball communities, as well as The Pinball Arcade from Farsight available on just about any system imaginable. Even with all of the above, Pinball hangs on by a thread. And that's sad, as it will be another slice of pure Americana lost to time. Bah, enough with the negatives, I present you, My Favorite Pinball Machines!

  • __Attack From Mars__ ★ Midway - 1995 ★ Some people think that the "fan" layout on the playfield is used too much. I disagree. What alm...
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  • The tools are NEVER UPDATED!!
  • Tools, they are never updated!
  • I mean 3 Fonts to choose from? The tools are NEVER UPDATED!
  • iPhone App updated every 32 seconds. Webapp, not so much, The TOOLS ARE NEVER UPDATED.
  • Lack of tool updates
  • <sigh> 14 months after writing this list. I still have 3 fonts to choose from. Seriously it's almost inexcusable.
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Systems Ive Owned And My Faves For Each.

  • Generic Pong Game ★ Came with gun, shoot the giant floating square. Duck Hunt this ain't.
    • Squash: Loved the play the solo ❝Squash” game. Good Times.
  • Atari 2600 ★ The system that started it all. Most people have no clue, the challenge that programmers had, getting a game out of its minuscule memory. If you have ANY interest in Video Game history read Racing The Beam, by Nick Montfort.
    • Space Invaders: The first licensed port of an arcade game. Is a great memory from my favorite Christmas.
    • Adventure: The first video game to use multiple screens to show a continuous area. Also famous for programmer Warren Robinett's initial's being the first Video Game ❝easter egg”.
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Sure we wanted the brand that had the best toy that week. These were some of my favs:

  • Grins, Smiles, Giggles and LaughsPurina ✿ I really have no clue why I liked this so much, it was just little smiley face corn puffs. See Retro Box Here !!
  • Count ChoculaGeneral Mills ✿ The only one of the ❝Monster❞ cereals. This made a impressive choclate sludge at the bottom of the bowl. See Retro Box Here
  • Fun Dip (lik-m-aid)Willy Wonka ✿ Who can forget good ol fundip. What was the stick made of? See Retro pgk Here
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  • 2449 Larchmonthome is where the heart is
  • Finally beating the Tornadoes for that elusive Mesquite City Championship
  • Christmas Eve's At The Grandparentsloved those glow in the dark icicles
  • Putt Putt Golf And GamesIm SO glad I grew up during the arcade era
  • The Closet FULL Of BoardgamesFlying Finnegan anyone?
  • Whamo Water Wigglehow can you not like a toy that has a possibility of randomly strangling someone!
  • Christmas 1979, Atari 2600, Space Invaders, Nuff saidCouldnt WAIT to get up that morning
  • The Greatness of the Johnson Smith Catalag One from 1979
  • Mad MagazineSo I still subscribe. Sue me.
  • Summer Recreation every summer behind ToschHoppy-Taw anyone?
  • Wheelies on the Huffy Thunder Road 54 in Tosch parking lotWe'd stay out there til the lights went off
  • Experiments with the Radioshack 150 in 1 Electronic Project KitI was a regular Doc Brown with this thing...
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The Best Old School Arcade Games Of ALL TIME!

●●● _Please note, this is yet another Famous In-Progress Bacolist™. If your reading this, take a second to drop a comment, it's nice to know someone is actually reading these!! ●●●

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  • Pulp Fiction ♦ say what one more time...
  • The Shawshank Redemption ♦ Salvation Lies Within
  • Jaws ♦ Im old. I was in the theater to witness the birth of The Summer Blockbuster.
  • The Empire Strikes Back ♦ IMHO the best of the Star Wars movies. Defined what a good sequel is. I would have no problem calling this the best sequel ever made.

●●● _Please note, this is yet another Famous In-Progress Bacolist™. If your reading this, take a second to drop a comment, it's nice to know someone is actually reading these!! ●●●

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With the greatest Rock Band of all time™ enjoying a renaissance as of late, here are some AC/DC tracks the casual and new AC/DC fan must check out!

  • Landslide Flick Of The Switch
  • Put The Finger On You For Those About To Rock
  • Gone Shootin' Powerage
  • Ride On Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Guns For Hire Flick Of The Switch
  • It's A Long Way To The Top, (If You Wanna Rock N' Roll) High Voltage
  • Sink The Pink Fly On The Wall
  • If You Want Blood, You've Got It Highway To Hell
  • This Means War Blow Up Your Video
  • Squealer Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Let Me Put My Love into You Back In Black
  • Get It Hot Highway To Hell
  • Send For The Man Fly On The Wall
  • Overdose Let There Be Rock
  • Give It Up Stiff Upper Lip
  • Rock N' Roll Damnation Powerage
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Text adventures, now know colloquilly as "Interactive Fiction" still has a small but rabid fan base. The amount and quality of games still coming out is amazing. One of the reasons for this, is the relative low requuirement of learning one of the IF programming packages. These free tools allow almost anyone the ability to program their own game.

  • Inform 7   ★  Grame Nelson  ★  Create interactive fiction using natural language syntax. This is how easy it is to create a couple of "rooms" in Inform: "Vault is a room. It is located south of Bank Lobby." In that small senteance you created 2 locations, complete with directions to and from. Best of all this package is free. And on the road map is making it open source.
  • TADS 3   ★  Michael J Roberts  ★  A more traditional programming environment...
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Baseball, not the lawmen.... In no particular order:

  • Nolan Ryan
  • Julio Franco
  • George Wright (gman!)
  • Rusty Greer
  • Pudge Rodriquez
  • Charles Hough
  • John Wetteland

If your name is Raphel Palmeiro and reading this then FU. Having to leave my favorite baseball player of all time and someone that I really looked up off my list of favorite players is singular result of you acrimoniously pointing your finger at the camera and stating that "I never used steroids" Tell the truth right there, and your still a first ballot hall of famer. Now? Just another asterisk.

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  • Stand By Me
  • Wizard of Oz (sue me)
  • Star Wars
  • Jaws
  • The Gargoyles (You know the Conrad Bean one they played on channel 11 once a month practically.)
  • Anything with Don Knotts in it. IE; The Apple Dumpling Gang.
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  • Mrs. Brightwell , 1st Grade, Tosch Elementary
  • Mrs. Grant , 3rd Grade, Tosch Elementary *
  • Mr. Avery , 5th Grade, Tosch Elementary
  • Mr. Pritchett , 6th Grade, Tosch Elementary
  • Mrs. Smith , 7th Grade, McDonald Middle School
  • Mrs. Paris , 9th Grade, North Mesquite High School
  • *This is rating is currently under a courtesy review. Kevin has submitted long dormant information that could affect the future of this rating. Expect a ruling sometime this fall. Carry on.
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I struggled early on when the NES debuted. It ended the US's reign as the Video Game Superpower. Like any good product should, it won me over despite my bias:

  • 10Kid Nikki Radical NinjaIrem
  • 09Mega Man 2Capcom
  • 08Excite BikeNintendo
  • 07Super Mario Bros. 3Nintendo
  • 06Mike Tyson's Punch OutNintendo
  • 05CastlevaniaIrem
  • 04Blaster MasterSunco
  • 03Kid Nikki Radical NinjaSunco
  • 02RC Pro AmIrem
  • insert drum roll hereAnother Drum Roll
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Run, don't walk, to your local books store and get this book. It has the Coen brothers written all over it. Here is a list of the crazy characters Eli and Charlie encounter during their adventure.

  • Tub   ✦   Eli's swayback one eyed horse.
  • The Commodore   ✦   thats it no name. Who is he?
  • Herman Kermit Warm   ✦   Our two protagonists quarry.
  • Henry Morris   ✦   A scout for The Commodore and a "dandy"
  • The Weeping Man   ✦   yet another no named character. "they all left!!!"
  • Unnamed Spider   ✦   hairy, fat bottomed, toe bitin' spider.
  • Doc Watts, DDS   ✦   Lanced Eli's melon head, pulled 2 teeth, introduced the boys to novacaine and even promoted a new invention called the tooth brush.
  • The Vile Gypsy Witch   ✦   Cabin squatting witch with the dented head. Door!
  • Grizley Bear #1   ✦   taken down by Eli, but not before it got a swing in on Tub ruining one eye and scrambling his brains.
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Along with a childhood of inattention from my dad, he also gave me the gift of the "Collection Gene". I have to collect things, weird things, odball things, normal things. Here's some that I have/are attempting:

  • Wacky-Packages  ♦  I would still collect these today if I coudl ever find them.
  • Old Time Radio  ♦  By far my biggest collection. If I were to queue up all the files that I have and hit play, it would be approximately 5.5 years before you get to the end of the playlist. This is if you played it 24/7.
  • Baseball Cards  ♦  In 1989 I went NUTS buys any and all baseball cards that I could. It was good timing as I have a couple of complete Upper Deck 1989 sets, their first offered, including the Griffey rookie. Once you realize what a scam sports cards are, it kinna ruins the fun.
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  • Archangels  ★  [Attention listmaker, this space is held with bated breath in anticipation of your expertise. Please wow us. If you are not the author of this list, WTF are you doing here this guy SUX!]   ★ Bicycle Playing Cards
  • ⓶_Ace Fulton's Casino  ★  These DRIP with an old school Vegas vibe. I was in the right place at the right time to get a couple of these now sold out decks   ★ Bicycle Playing Cards
  • begin each item with an asterisk
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If you don't visit Reddit periodically, then head on over and spend some time and browse the sub-reddits. I've celebrated Cake Day twice now and I still am finding new stuff. Below are some of my favs.

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While I'm not looking to piss people off with this, I do hope that somehow someone who has any say into Listography's future will understand the embarrassing font choices Listography offers....

  • Helvetica
  • Times
  • Courier

Thats it. Seriously. 3.

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  • TurntableUnless by the off chance he decides to be a dj
  • AlbumsSee above.
  • .45'sSee above.
  • A Dial Up ModemIm crushed that he will never experience the joyous handshake sounds and blazing 14.4kbps speeds.
  • Drive In TheaterThey were barely around when I was a lad, so he definitely won't be going to the drive-in. I still think a "new" retro drive-in would be a hit with todays gen.
  • Rooftop TV AntennaAnother victim of progress.
  • School PaddelingNo Board of Education for him. I think that's sad.
  • DOSOr any other command line interface for that matter. Nope all pointy clicky from here on.
  • Mailing Of LettersI wanted to a postman growing up. Will he even know what that job was?

And finally a suggestin from EstroJen in the comments section, thanks Jen!

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❝If I had known you don't stop working until you die, I would have started a lot later❞   Unknown

  • Rogers Fast Food - Big Town Mall ★ I learned a hard lesson about work ethic and almost lost a best friend over it. I certainly deserved to. Thanks for the forgiveness Phil ★ Time there: 1 day
  • Famous Ramos Hotdogs - Town East Mall ★ _Looking back, still some of the funnest moments i've had in the workplace. Got my first taste of managing people. ★ Time there: 4.5 years
  • Electronic Data Systems - Floyd Circle ★ My first introduction to the corporate environment. Went from glorified delivery boy, to supervisor with 18 direct reports. ★ Time there: 10 years.

whoa this needs some updating, just the overview will flesh out later!

  • Citizens Communications - Park Lane ★..._blah blah ★ Time there: 10 years._
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Interactive Fiction, or text adventures were among the first games to come out for PC's (and many other systems).They had no graphics, but made you rely on the best video card of them all, your brain. When I sat down to play Adventure for the first time, it had a huge impact on my life. After that first session, I decided then and there that somehow, someway, my career would be dealing with computers in some way. So Adventure is the reason I'm a Systems Administrator.

  • The Thief ★ _Zork Series, Infocom_  ★  Always showing up and the exact worst time. Seemed unbeatable. If he hadn't shown up in awhile, there was always a palpable feeling of dread.
  • __The Lurking Grue__  ★ _ Zork series, Infocom _  ★  I'll let the actual game output speak for itself: 'It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by ...
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My Age Shows Here, but it's my list. Without further ado, here are my favorite board games of ALL TIME. Now you kids get off my lawn....

  • Mouse Trap ★ Hasbro ★ I LOVED this game. The temptation to complete the trap all at once was often often too much for me.
  • Which Witch? ★ Milton Bradley ★ Remember? Yeah, now you do!
  • Flying Finnegan ★ Kenner ★ This is a quirky, rare and fairly anonymous game, but damn it was FUN!
  • Kerplunk ★ Ideal ★ I remember my hands shaking as it got down to the last few sticks.
  • Haunted House ★ Ideal ★ I didn't have this one, my cousin did, but oh how I wanted this game! Look at the pictures in the above link and tell me those shots of the manual don't drip with retro.
  • Jaws ★ Ideal ★ Remember getting this game for my birthday while we were on a family vacation. Remember playing it in whatever generic hotel we were staying at.
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Here is a nice little ongoing list of my all time favorite Movie Quotes.

  • some Cowboy: ❝Just a fly in the ointment Han's, a monkey in the wrench...❞ ★ Bruce Willis' answer to Han's question. ★ Die Hard
  • Sean: ❝Why the wrench❞ Will: ❝'cause FUCK him, thats why❞ ★ Matt Damons reasoning when choosing his punishmnent ★ Good Will Hunting
  • ❝Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die❞ ★ Inigo Montoya's persistent threat ★ The Princess Bride
  • Brutus: ❝..Do you have anything to say before the sentence is carried out?❞ Old Toot: ❝Yeah. I want a fried chicken dinner with gravy on the taters, I want to shit in your hat, and I got to have Mae West sit on my face, because I am one horny mother%$#@#!❞ ★ Old Toot, sitting in for Arlen Bitterbuck, tells the guards his final earthly requests ★ The Green Mile
  • Red (narrating): ❝Sometimes it makes me... ★ Red misses Andy ★ The Shawshank Redemption
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While not the World Traveler, I have had the opportunity to travel a bit. Laughable to most "travelers" but it is what it is. Texas cities excluded. Now updated with my European Vacation!

  • Venise. Italy
  • Vatican City, Italy
  • Pompeii, Italy
  • Naples, Italy
  • Florence, Italy
  • Rome, Italy
  • Haarlemmermeer,Amsterdam
  • Boston, MA
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Chicago, Il
  • New York City (Manhattan), NY
  • Stamford, CT
  • Rochester, NY
  • Niagara Falls, NY
  • Playa Del Carmen, MEX
  • Denver, CO
  • Aurora, CO
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These are my favorite Podcasts and a comment about each Will update at times

  • This American Life ★ This is the Rolls Royce of podcasts, there is NO one remotely close to being as good
  • The No Sleep Podcast _★ The newest horror podcast on the block. Good stuff.
  • Pseudopod ★ Consistently good horror podcast
  • Wiretap This American Life alumnist Johnathan Goldstein's show.
  • WNYC's Radiolab ★ This show leaves you wanting more every time
  • Tech News Today ★ Tom Merritt's new show as a member of the TWiT team
  • A Life Well Wasted ★ Simply the best videogame podcast. Infrequency of episodes is a drawback, but its always worth the wait.
  • Escape Pod ★ Weekly Sci-fi podcast
  • Retrogaming Roundup ★ Scott, Mike and Mike share 5+ hours of retrogaming goodness each month.
  • PRI's Selected Shorts ★ PRI's hour long show of short fictio...
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You know, those songs that you hear the first millisecond and immediately smile.

  • Triumph Magic Power
  • Sweet Chiled O' Mine Guns N Roses
  • More Than A Feeling Boston
  • Panama Van Halen
  • Foreigner Feels Like The First Time

●●● _Please note, this is yet another Famous In-Progress Bacolist™. If your reading this, take a second to drop a comment, it's nice to know someone is actually reading these!! ●●●

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