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I am an ENFP, procrastinator, and inventor of holidays. I wish I needed my own business cards. My daughter says that I'm a good fixer of things.

The human animal differs from the lesser primates in his passion for lists. ~H. Allen Smith

The list is the origin of culture... ~Umberto Eco

EstroJen follows:
lisa films
Oh! television (Episodes of Grey's Anatomy.)
to do (Morning to-do lists: December 2019.)
activities (Walking, year nine!)
Ulvinde animals
  • Aerie of Eagles
  • Battalion of Falcon
  • Bevy of Quail
  • Bouquet of Pheasants
  • Brood of Hens
  • Cast of Hawks
  • Charm of Finches
  • Confusion of Guinea Fowl
  • Covey of Partridges
  • Descent of Woodpeckers
  • Dissimulation of Birds
  • Dule of Doves
  • Exaltation of Larks
  • Fall of Woodcocks
  • Flight of Swallows
  • Gaggle of Geese (when not flying)
  • Host of Sparrows
  • Kit of Pigeons
  • Murder of Crows
  • Murmuration of Starlings
  • Mustering of Storks
  • Ostentation of Peacocks
  • Paddling of Ducks on water
  • Parliament of Owls
  • Peep of Chickens
  • Pitying of Turtledoves
  • Rafter of Turkeys
  • Screech of Seagulls
  • Seige of Heron
  • Skein of Geese (when flying)
  • Tidings of Magpies
  • Time-step of Western Sandpipers
  • Unkindness of Ravens
  • Watch of Nightengales
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